Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Akshaya Triteeyaa

Akshaya Triteeyaa, or Akshaya Teej, Aakhaa Teej, or Vaishaakh Teej is a very important festival of Northern India. A+Kshaya = A means no, and Kshaya means which is destroyed, thus Akshaya means which cannot be destroyed. Thus whatever is done this day is un-destroyable, imperishable, and lasts for ever, surprisingly enough whether it is a good work or a bad work. And since it is imperishable one must do all good work on this day. Because if any bad work is done on this day its fruit is also imperishable that is one should take care not to do any bad work this day.

--Akshaya Triteeyaa is celebrated when the Sun and the Moon are radiant until the afternoon.
--According to the astrologers Monday (Chandra Vaar, or Som Vaar) ad Rohinee Nakshatra make this day more auspicious.
--Today is the day when the doors of Badaree Naath Jee opens for public.
--Baanke Bihaaree Temple in Vrindaa Van also opens its doors to public on this day, otherwise the idol is covered by cloth throughout the year.

--Most people keep fast, do worship, do Jaap, give alms, give donations, do austerities, take sacred baths so that they can avail their fruits for many lives.
--Many people buy gold, start new ventures on this day.
--There is no need to see for any Muhoort to start any auspicious work today. That is why his day is called Abhujh or Sarv Siddhi Muhoort.
--This day is of Vishnu, so all worship are dedicated to Vishnu - read Vishnu Sahastrnaam etc.
--Since Vishnu and Shiv are not different Shiv Paarvatee are also worshiped this day

Vaishaakh Teej falls on the second half of the Lunar month of Vaishaakh or Vaishaakh Shukla Teej.
This year, in 2014, it is falling on 2nd May.

Sushma Gupta