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How Vishnu Helped Shiv

In the last blog we wrote that both Shiv and Vishnu worship each other. Shiv has helped Vishnu and Vishnu has saved Shiv. Today we will write about how Vishnu saved Shiv several times. Shiv is called Bhole Baabaa and in this Bholaapan (innocence) he gives odd types of boons which many times are used against him. Here are some of them and the how Vishnu saved him from his own given odd boons..

(1) Vrikaasur
Vrikaasur was a very mighty Daitya. Once wandering around, he met Naarad Jee. He asked him who was the Devtaa who could be pleased the soonest. Naarad Jee said - "Shiv Jee." So he did Tap to please Shiv Jee and got a boon from him that "On whosoever's head I put my hand, he should die immediately." Shiv Jee bestowed the boon. Vrikaasur was very evil-minded, he desired to have Paarvatee Jee. For this had to kill Shhiv Jee first, so as he got the boon he tried to put his hand on Shiv's head. Shiv Jee guessed it so he ran away from there. Now Shiv Jee was in front and Vrikaasur was behind him. He headed towards the end of the Prithvi, towards Swarg but found Vrikaasur still following him. He turned towards North. Even the great Devtaa could not find the solution of his problem. In the end he came to Vaikunth Lok. There lives Vishnu Himself.

Vishnu found Shiv in trouble, so He assumed the form of Mohinee and sat in the way from where Vrikaasur was coming. Following Shiv Vrikaasur saw a beautiful woman standing. he paused briefly seeing her, that Mohinee asked him - "Where are going running so fast, take some rest." Vrikaasur said - "I have to catch Shiv." "tell me if I can do anything for you?" Vrikaasur stopped for a while and told her whatever happened between Shiv and him. Mohinee asked - "So you want to put your hand on Shiv's head? No need to run after him. I teach you how to do it." Saying this she asked him to copy her so that she could teach him the way to put his hand on his head. Mohinee started dancing and asked him to copy her. While dancing Mohinee kept her own hand on her head, so Vrikaasur also did it the same way, and as soon as he did it, he got killed.

Shiv thanked Vishnu to save his life.

(2) Gajamukhaasur
Once there was an Asur, Gajamukhaasur. He did a severe austerities for Shiv Jee and got a boon from him that Shiv should live in his stomach. Shiv could not say "no" to him and entered in his stomach. Now Paarvatee Jee did not see Shiv Jee for some time, so she went to Vishnu and told her problem. Vishnu assured her that He would surely find him soon. So He took along Nandee and came out in the form of a flutist in search of Shiv Jee. They started wandering in search of Shiv Jee.

Wandering around He came to the Asur's house and started playing His flute while Nandee started dancing on His tune. All living nearby came out to see this strange and funny dance. That Asur also came out. That Asur was so happy to see that dance that he asked Vishnu to ask whatever He wanted without knowing Him who He was. Vishnu got this opportunity and asked that he should free Shiv Jee. When Shiv Jee came out of his belly, his belly burst out, the Asur died and Shiv Jee got free.

It was then Shiv Jee promised Vishnu that he would serve Vishnu in one of His future Avataar and will help Him the same way as He did for him now. So when Vishnu incarnated as Raam, Shiv sent his one of the 11 forms as Hanumaan to help Him and protect Him. Thus Vishnu freed Shiv from that Asur's clutches.

(3) Killing of Bhasmaasur
This story is similar to Vrikaasur's story given above. Bhasmaasur was another such Daitya who was killed by Vishnu. Once Bhasmaasur did severe penance and pleased Shiv Jee. Shiv Jee appeared before him and asked him what he wanted. Bhasmaasur desired that his mere touching somebody's head should reduce the person to ashes. Shiv Jee conferred him the boon. Now Bhasmaasur wanted to test it. Who else was better candidate than Shiv himself for this test? so he proceeded towards Shiv Jee. Shiv Jee guessed it in time so he took to flight. He went in all Lok but he found Bhasmaasur following him, so he proceeded towards Vaikunth Lok.

When Vishnu saw Shiv Jee running like this, He understood that Shiv is in trouble. In order to save him from that predicament, Vishnu appeared as a voluptuous damsel (Mohinee) before the pursuing Asur and enticed him. He became amorous seeing the damsel and made advances to her. Vishnu said - "You are smelling very badly, go  to that spring and rub your body with water. When you become clean, then you can embrace me." As he was taking bath under the spring, his hand touched his body, and eventually his head to in order to clean his head. As soon as he touched his head, he fell down in a heap of ashes. That is how Vishnu saved Shiv Jee. He asked Shiv Jee - "Why do you grant such boon that you have to run all around to save yourself?"

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Sushma Gupta

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  1. Here comes another interesting write-up with stories of three Rakshashas (asurs) , Jalandhar, Vrikaasur, Gajamukhaasur, who got boon from Lord Shiva and put HIM into trouble and how then Lord Vishnue came for HIS (Shiva ) rescue and cleverly killed these Rakshashas.