Friday, July 22, 2016

Foreign Folktales in Hindi Ready-2

Till recently most foreign folktales were available only in English language. Very few folktales have been available in Hindi language. This project has been initiated only keeping this in mind that foreign folktales may be available to our Hindi readers in India and at other places.
Under this project more than 1,100 foreign folktales have been written in Hindi after reading from books and Internet and by hearing from people. Indian folktales are normally available in Hindi language that is why Indian folktales have not been included in this collection.
Besides where folktales from European countries are easily available in English, the whole folktale literature seems to be incomplete without their mention that is why some folktales have been included from those countries. 
The following books have been prepared as e-Books (on CDs) in which more than 600 folktales have been given. These folktales are available to our Hindi readers any time – to tell children, to be read by children and adults alike, for reference and for research purposes, or for any other purpose the people find useful. The rest of the folktales are also being organized under various titles whose information will be made available at time to time.
This project does not stop at 1,100 folktales rather it is a continuous process so expect more to come in future.
Till now no single folktale collection has been as large as this one even in English language. The two large collectors of folktales known in Europe are: Grimm’s Brothers and the Andrew Lang. But even their collections are also not so large as this in Hindi language.
We are pleased that we could collect so many folktales at one place in Hindi language. We hope that this valuable collection will prove unique and useful to our Hindi folktale literature.

Folktales from Western Africa – 15 tales, 154 pages
Folktales from Eastern Africa – 9 tales, 106 pages
Folktales from Southern Africa – 15 tales, 146 pages

Folktales from Egypt – 8 tales, 126 pages
Folktales from Ethiopia-1 – 27 tales, 126 pages
Folktales from Ethiopia-2 – 23 tales, 126 pages
Queen of Sheba Makeda and King Solomon – 212 pages
King Solomon – 11 tales, 164 pages

Folktales from Nigeria-1 – 20 tales, 170 pages
Folktales from Nigeria-2 – 20 tales, 178 pages
Folktales from Ghana – 14 tales, 172 pages
Cunningness of Anansi Spider – 15 tales, 112 pages
Cunningness of Anansi Spider – 20 tales, 196 pages

Folktales from Zanzibar – 10 tales, 164 pages
Folktales from South Africa – 18 tales, 194 pages

Folktales from North America-1 – 12 tales, 124 pages
Folktales from North America-2 – 12 tales, 120 pages
Folktales from Canada – 17 folktales, 112 pages
Folktales of Raven-1 – 20 tales, 124 pages
Folktales of Raven-2 – 20 tales, 126 pages
Folktales of Raven-3 – 3 modern tales, 126 pages

Folktales from South America – 8 tales,

Folktales from Asia-1 – 26 tales, 196 pages
Folktales from China – 8 tales, 80 pages
China: Myths and Legends-1 – 18 tales, 190 pages
China: Myths and Legends-2 – 20 tales, 188 pages
Folktales from Russia – 22 tales, 264 pages

Folktales from Europe-2 – 22 tales, 214 pages
One Story many Colors-11 – Cinderella – 20 tales, 272 pages
Folktales from Italy-1 – 18 tales, 194 pages
Folktales from Italy-2 – 16 tales, 200 pages
Folktales from Italy-3 – 12 tales, 200 pages
Folktales from Italy-4 – 21 tales, 200 pages
Folktales from Italy-5 – 15 tales, 210 pages
Folktales from Italy-6 – 18 tales, 220 pages
Folktales from Italy-7 – 22 tales, 230 pages
Folktales from Italy-8 – 13 tales, 122 pages
Folktales from Norse-1 – 8 tales, 148 pages
Folktales from Norse-2 – 11 tales, 120 pages

Christianity in Folktales – 23 tales, 258 pages
One Story Many Colors-12 – Cinderella – 10 tales, 112 pages

The e-Books published under the Series “Foreign Folktales in Hindi” are available now on CD-ROMs. To obtain further information about them or a copy of any book :