Monday, September 29, 2014

Modern Day Problems-2

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of POWER in our everyday life of today. Its existence in our life today shows that we cannot live without it. Just think if we do not have it even for some time what will happen to our life --

--We might not get up in the morning on time without the alarm clock. We are late for all our work.
--No hot water, no powered toothbrush, no electric shaving -- oh what a start of the day? Without these things our mood is off and we cannot do well the whole day.
--Tea or coffee on stove? Never. It will be so late if the master had to prepare on stove, so he had to leave for his office without taking it. Mood off.
--Breakfast in a shop, or restaurant. More delay for work.
--Without radio and TV there is no news and entertainment - what a dry start of the day...
--The family has the habit of eating yogurt at lunch time. When there is no power, no yogurt, what a lunch without yogurt? The whole day is spoiled.
--No TV, - no entertainment, all interesting serials are gone,
--No computer - no e-mail, no home business, no homework for children, Such a useless day.
--And the whole day there was no AC/fan (or heating), so either suffer in heat, or shiver in cold.
-- No security system in the night - how to sleep in the night unsecured?
--Next day again late waking up, late going to work and so on...

The whole day - what a stressful useless day? It was never never never like this before.
So the Power give us the power to be happy these days.
But what if the Power is not there, then what? Only distress.

But what do you think? Was it all the time like this? We did not have all these things, say 70 years ago. Then? Were we not happy? Did we have to worry about anything like today?

No. There was nothing to worry about, so what would we worry about? And when there was no worry, there was no distress. Thus the life was distress free. It was a simple life.

We will see it tomorrow that how we were distress free many years ago when the power was not there.

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Sushma Gupta

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Modern Day Problems-1

It is difficult to list today's problems and stress related to them. The problems start since morning and perhaps do not end even after sleeping. Many times we seek their solutions in our dreams also.

70 years before our parents did not have so many problems and stresses. 70 years means, I am talking about 1940s. I think more than 90% problems have arisen from POWER which may be interpreted in any way - status or position, or electricity, both are curses for life, of course unless they are used it intelligently (while it is difficult to use them). If somebody gets power (strength) he becomes arrogant, proud and tries to rule everybody. At the same time if somebody gets power (electricity) he also becomes arrogant, proud and tries to show off himself to everybody.

In those days most common people did not have power, neither status nor electricity. Many people did not have status because of British Raaj, and many people did not have electricity because it was not very common in those days.

With the advent of electricity people have largely depended on it. Not only since morning till evening, but also 24 X 7 we need it now. The whole day and night our heating is on in Winter and AC and fan in Summer. Our refrigerator is also always on. Leave that we often need the electricity to do anything in the night.

Let us count the other uses of power - our day starts with getting up with the help of electric alarm clock, hot water in the bathroom, powered toothbrush, electric shaver etc. Come to the breakfast table - we need to grind Chutney, or sometimes spices, making tea in an electric kettle, toaster to make toasts, and cold water to drink. After the breakfast we need it to make yogurt in an electric pot, to vacuum clean the house, to run the washing machine to wash clothes. And Yeah, I forgot, during this period our radio is always on for the housewife and TV for other family members. News and entertainment are necessary for our modern day life.

Now a days a variety of food items are available for all kinds of tastes. In one lunch time, sometimes 3-4 types of food have to be cooked - master of the house needs to eat say Idli and Saambhar; old parents need liquid Daal and Chapati with it, children need to eat pasta. Then why the housewife should sacrifice her desires for the family? She wants to eat Khichdi today. In  this menu there is a 100% possibility that at least one or two people will have their lunch cold. Reheating? no problem. Microwave is there. Reheat the food as many times as you like and eat it.

After the lunch, the house wife gets sometime to watch TV or do some computer work - for this not only electricity is required internet connection is also required. Children need to do their home work on computer. Now a days there is no life without computer. Whether you have your food or not, but you must use computer.

In the evening again a similar routine resumes. Children take bath, house wife makes tea or coffee (in percolator), Housewife quickly prepares the dinner and then the most evening is spent in front of the TV or computer.

At night again the fan is on, house security system is on, AC or heating is on, then only one can sleep peacefully in a house.

Now in this routine where is the time for power to rest? or at what time you can live without power?
So POWER is the breath of our life - of course in present times.

Tomorrow I will write why our parents or ancestors did not face such problems.

Modern Day problems-2
Modern Day Problems-3

Sushma Gupta 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Foreign Folktales in Hindi-2

This blog is being written after quite some time. I was very busy in preparing my books for Foreign Folktales in Hindi Project... Today I became a bit free, so I am with you. Sorry for this gap and I am happy to be with you again...

First Book on  Foreign Folktales in Hindi
I have been writing in my past blogs that I have taken up a project to write foreign folktales in Hindi language so that they can be available to our Hindi knowing people - old or children, men or women, rich or poor.

I have indicated in my past blogs that my project is progressing very well and more than 600 folktales from various countries have been adapted into Hindi language. More than half of them are from African countries - Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zanzibar etc.

Foreign Folktales in Hindi Braille
Till now all of these folktales were with me only. Actually most of them are still with me...

Only one book, of 11 folktales from Nigeria, was published in December 2013 in Hindi Braille language under Touch Read project and was sent to 120 schools for the visually handicapped all over India. Two more books are ready to be published in Hindi Braille very soon, within a month or so. They will also be available to these children in these school.

These books are free to all people who can read Hindi Braille. Write to procure them to
Davendra Gupta - at

Foreign Folktales in Hindi for General Readers
I am pleased to announce that I have published my first book "Odd Marriages: Folktales from Africa" today on Scribd. You may enjoy reading it for free  
Hope you will like it.
If you like it please do nor forget to give me a feedback, thanks.

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Sushma Gupta