Thursday, September 22, 2016

Foreign Folktales in Hindi Ready-3

Last month I published my Blog "Foreign Folktales in Hindi Ready-2" in which I wrote about the largest collection of foreign folktales published in Hindi language by one person - more than 1,100 folktales.

I am happy to report here that people read my Blog and asked me some questions about it. They were actually too surprised to know that how I could do it single-handedly. They were very appreciative about the work and commended it heartily. I am so much obliged to them that they commended my enthusiasm by commending my project of collecting them and then publishing them.

They commended my Project also under which I want to extend the body of this literature by distributing free to the children who can read and understand even a little bit of Hindi for the benefit of increasing their knowledge through their own language.

Whatever was in my hand I did it, but I do not have so much funds to get them published to distribute them freely to as many people as I plan to do so, but I still wish that this literature should reach to as many hands as possible.

In the series of "Desh Videsh Ki Lok Kathayen" (Foreign Folktales in Hindi), its first book was published by Indra Publishers, Bhopal - "Raven Ki Lok Kathayen-1". It was distributed free to almost more than 1,000 children. Children were happy just with the idea that they were able to read the foreign folk literature in their own language and at least it was available to them in their own language. Their expressions were very encouraging.

I wish to request to our generous people to help us to advance this project to this point so that our Hindi speaking people can also benefit from these foreign folktales reading them in their own language.

It is a collectors' material also. Whosoever will collect it will appreciate his collection later as it is not even a collection but a small treasure library in itself - 1,100 foreign folktales in Hindi - they are not small in  umber.

Brother Grimms' collection and Andrew Lang's collections are most notable collection in English language so far. This collection largely exceeds their collections in Hindi language. To read more about these folktales please search for "Foreign Foktales in Hindi" in Labels. 

Sushma Gupta