Sunday, April 5, 2015

Foreign Folktales in Hindi-5

I have posted several blogs about my efforts to document many foreign folktales written in English language to present them in Hindi language to make them available for our Hindi readers, researchers and related associations and institutions.

You might have read this also that more then 700 folktales are now available in Hindi language. More than 600 folktales have been listed at my website --
This list contains the title of the folktale in Hindi, its number of pages (in big type set good for children), the origin of its continent and the country.

You might be wondering how many folktales can be read from among these 700 folktales?
I have published some 31 books on Scribd, Among which 5 books are free while other books are at minimum price - just $0,99 to download them on any of your electronic devices from the following site --

The 5 books which are free are -
1.  Odd Marriages - Folktales From Africa
2.  Stories of Justice
3.  Stories of Akbar Birbal-1
4.  Stories of Akbar Birbal-2
5.  Folktales from Ethiopia-1

Read them and enjoy them for free.
You may buy other books. They are available at a very affordable cheap price.

I am really happy to publish them there for our Hindi-readers

Sushma Gupta

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Foreign Folktales in Hindi-4

It has been long time when I wrote my last blog - in October 2014.
Fortunately that was also about the Foreign Folktales in Hindi
After that I got busy in somewhat organizing, editing and e-publishing my some foreign folktales in Hindi in book form on Scribd.

During the past six months I could publish some 30 books in all. They are mostly organized by topics except a few books by countries - Canada, Ethiopia and Zanzibar (Tanzania). Of course Ethiopia and Canada's all folktales are not given there.

One can go to the site below and read these books there ---

My other blogs about "Foreign Folktales in Hindi" may be read at ---
Touch Read Project

Under Touch Read Project, which is purely for the visually handicapped readers, three books have been published by Bombay Office so far. Others are on their way...

1,  Folktales from Nigeria - 1
2.  Folktales from Nigeria - 2
3.  Folktales from Ethiopia - 1

They can be obtained free by any eligible reader (a visually handicapped reader of Hindi) by writing to our Marketing manager Mr DK Gupta   at
I will be too happy to send these books to anybody who asks for them.

Hope you will like these folktales and recommend them to others to read them.
Spread the word as much as you can,
Develop the habit of reading.
Reading is good for you as it increases your knowledge,
Knowledge is Power...
Everybody wants Power...
You must also have Power


Sushma Gupta