Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Foreign Folktales in Hindi Ready-1

It is long long time when I wrote my last post here. What was I doing? I was trying to get my folktales which are now more than 1,100, published in the book form. Now-a-days it is very difficult to publish anything in the market. I was really surprised when in spite of talking to several publishers, no publisher got ready to publish them. Somehow I was able to pursue a publisher to publish my first book. Thanks Publisher.

Touch Read project
Under my Touch Read project which is to publish "Foreign Folktales in Hindi Braille", I have been able to publish three books last year. These books were sent free of charge to more than 150 schools for Blind all over India where the students read Hindi Braille. They were published by National Association of Blind, Mumbai, India. They can still be obtained free of charge anywhere in the world by any blind person who can read Hindi Braille .

These books are:
(1) Folktales of Nigeria-1  (2) Folktales of Nigeria-2  (3) Folktales of Ethiopia
To obtain them free Contact :   or 

Other Books in Hindi
To date I have written more than 1,100 foreign folktales in Hindi. In other words it is a moving library of folktales if it is taken on the computer, it is an archive, it is a treasure. I feel that it should be the largest collection of foreign folktales in Hindi all over the world. Among these 1,100 folktales, more than 400 folktales are only from African countries.

As you know I have already published more than 35 books on Scribd too. Read them at  - 

I have written an article also about this in an e-magazine Garbhanal (Dec 2015 issue) which may be read at .

For the time being, till any of the book is not published on paper, I have these folktales ready published on CDs. For the convenience of readers these folktales have been divided by countries. The following title are available for sale :-

Folktales from Canada - 17 tales
Folktales from China - 
China: Myths - in 2 parts - 37 tales
Folktales from Italy - in 9 parts - 122 tales.
Folktales from South Africa - 18 tales

Musical Instruments in Folktales - 15 tales
Adventures of Tortoise - 17 tales

See other Blogs in this series clicking on "Folktales" in label section.

Write about them later

Sushma Gupta