Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ganesh: Jaya Shree Ganesh

Jaya Shree Ganesh

With my prayers to Shree Ganesh I place my first blog in the name of Shree Ganesh. There are many stories about Ganesh Jee, but here is a story of Ganesh Jee as why he is worshiped first among all Devtaa and while beginning any new work or at the beginning of all auspicious occasions.

Everybody knows that Ganesh Jee was killed by Shiv Jee or Shani Dev and revived by Shiv Jee and Vishnu respectively. So as Ganesh Jee was alive, Paarvatee Jee brought all killed Devtaa (read "How Ganesh Jee Was Born" for how all Devtaa were killed) back to life, Shiv Jee's all Gan thought that Ganesh Jee should be their leader. So on their request Shiv Jee appointed him as their leader.

In the meantime Devtaa also thought that Ganesh Jee should be their leader too. Shiv jee got very happy to hear this proposal. He blessed Ganesh Jee with that he should be remover of all obstacles so that all should worship him first and declared him as the leader of all Devtaa. He further said - "Blessed will be those who will worship you on the 4th day (Chaturthee) of the Krishn Paksh of Bhaadrapad month of the Hindu Lunar year.

That is why Ganesh Jee is always worshiped first among all Devtaa, whatever the occasion, and whenever people start any work, especially the auspicious occasions.

Jaya Shree Ganesh

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  1. second Nice Blog about GANESH ji as why we worship Ganesh ji all over on all occasions?
    Continue publishing such useful stories and write-ups.