Thursday, September 1, 2011

10-Year Old Boy Died of Not Getting Water to Drink

I write this blog with a very heavy heart. I cannot forget this incident and I have been thinking about it since the day I have read it. I thought I cannot live without writing on this incident in my blog, hence this blog.

I read a news in Yahoo that a parents (in Dallas, TX, in the United States of America) locked their 10-year old son in a room and did not give water to him for 5 days - they were giving him food though. The temperature was 100 degree F. His room was not air-conditioned. The fourth day he died. he had a twin brother and a 12-year old stepbrother also. On the 5th day when they gave him peanut butter sandwich to eat, he could not swallow it and they did not give him anything to wash it down.His twin brother could not help him thinking that he would also have to face the same music.

And just ask why he was treated like this? Because he wetted his bed in the night.

My heart cried and cried for him. Such a small boy and such an immaterial matter and so big punishment? Oh, How human beings can behave like this? Killing an innocent child by not giving him water for four days? Is there anybody in the world who can ask those parents if they could live without water even for one day?

I do not know which Dharm they follow? In many Dharm, people establish drinking water places along with a person who helps them to drink water. In Hindi in Northern India such places are called Pyaaoo where thirsty people are offered cool water especially during summer time. In western countries and other places they are known as "Drinking Water". This offering of water to thirsty people gives lots of merits (Punya) to the people who establish these drinking water places. And instead of doing this Punya they committed such a grave sin to kill their own innocent child? And that also by not giving him water? Oh... Oh.... my God.

I remembered how our Hindu Dharm describes many kinds of Hells in which many souls have to pass their lives due to their grave sins in their past lives. So we don't know what sin he committed that his own parents became the murderer for him and he had to suffer for his sin. I think even butcher is still a  better man than them, because he does not kill his own children and he does not kill the animals like this.

I don't know what to say about such parents?
Are they happy now that now they are free from the child who bed wetted?
Are they satisfied now that they have removed the obstacle of their lives?
Ask them them to throw parties for this daring work?
Ask them to advice this method to others too so that others can also set an example like this?

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