Friday, October 7, 2011

Examples of Bhakti and Shraddhaa

Unfortunately there is no one word in English for Shraddhaa. Shraddhaa is the mixed feelings of devotion, faith, satisfaction, and faith with reverence. It is in fact an unbroken faith in somebody that the person can do anything in his name - even impossible tasks. Here are some examples of Shraddhaa--

Shraddhaa of Draupadee
Draupadee had full Shraddhaa in Krishn that is why she remembered only Krishn in her most critical moments and Krishn also did not disappoint her. When Paandav lost everything along with Draupadee and Duryodhan asked Dushaasan to pull her robes in the assembly hall, Draupadee could not do anything except calling Krishn. Krishn heard her and He extended her robes so much that even Dushaasan who had 10,000 elephants strength also tired of pulling it and sat down. Thus Krishn saved His Bhakt.

Shraddhaa of Hanumaan
It was only Shraddhaa of Hanumaan on Raam that he crossed 100 Yojan wide sea in one jump and burnt the whole Lankaa without getting hurt himself.

Shraddhaa of Vaanar
When Raam wanted to make bridge on sea to go to Lankaa, stones floated on water because of the Shraddhaa of Vaanar in His name. When Raam saw that these Vaanar are writing my name and throwing the stones in the sea and they are floating, so He also thought to do the same so that the bridge gets ready soon. So He picked up a stone, wrote His name on it and threw it in the sea. He was surprised to see that it sank. Raam looked here and there just to check whether anybody noticed this. He found that Hanumaan was looking at all this, He told Hanumaan not to tell this to anybody lest their faith is destroyed in Him. Hanumaan said - "Swaamee, Don't worry, their faith will not be destroyed, because those stones are floating only with their Shtaddhaa in you, and whatever you have thrown, that will surly sink."

Shraddhaa of Angad
Angad had full Shraddhaa in his Raam that is why when he was sent to Raavan as the messenger he could stake even Seetaa - "If you will move my foot, I will lose Seetaa and we will go away." Raam did not say him this to do there, he did this himself because he had full Shraddhaa in him that He would not let him down.

Shraddhaa of a Disciple
There was a disciple who was very devoted to his Guru. Once his Guru went somewhere for which he had to cross a river. He crossed it by boat. When he came on the other shore, he thought to take bath in the river, so he entered the river, took bath and came out. When he had come out he remembered that he had left his dry clothes on the other shore, so he shouted from there only to his disciple to bring his dry clothes. The Disciple immediately picked his clothes and ran towards the other shore. In this hurry he forgot that he could not cross the river without a boat. He was just running carrying his Guru's dry clothes. He did not pay attention on the water and crossed it like a dry land. When the Guru saw him coming like this on water, he got stunned and ashamed too. He needed the boat to cross the water and his devotee was running over it? When he came to the Guru and handed over him his clothes, he asked him "how did you cross the river on foot like this?" Then only he saw at his back. He himself was surprised that how he crossed the river on foot. he politely replied - "I don't know, I just came running to give you these clothes as I thought that my Guru needed his clothes, that is all."

So it was the disciple's Bhakti and Shraddhaa which brought him to his Guru walking on the water.

There are many such stories of Bhakti and Shraddhaa and faith through which people have done extraordinary works.

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