Monday, November 7, 2011

The Day Vishnu Got Attached

Hindu have many gods - 33 Crore gods, but 33 are well known - 12 Aaditya, 11 Rudra, 8 Vasu and 2 Ashwinee Kumaar. Still among these 33 gods there is group of three Devtaa who are even higher then them, they are Brahmaa (the Creator), Vishnu (the Preserver) and Shiv (the Destroyer). Among these three gods, Vishnu is believed to be detached from anything and everything. When He came on Earth as Krishn, he has declared this in His Geetaa too.

Now would you believe that once He also got attached? With whom? With a woman. What, with a woman? Yes, with a woman. Oh no, Who was that lucky woman? Let us read the story of that lucky woman to whom Vishnu got attached.

Once Indra and Brihaspati Jee were going to Kailaash Mountain to see Shiv Jee. As Shiv Jee saw them coming to him, he thought to test Indra's devotion to him, so he assumed the form of a hermit and sat in their way. When Indra saw him sitting like this, he asked him that who was he and what he was doing there, but Shiv didn't speak anything. Indra asked him several times but he did not speak anything. Indra got angry and he picked up his Vajra (thunderbolt) to hit him, that Shiv froze his hand with his Yaugik powers. Brihaspati Jee recognized Shiv and asked for his forgiveness. Shiv Jee got pleased and he redirected his angry look towards ocean. Indra and Brihaspati Jee went to their Lok after meeting him. BUT that angry sight which Shiv redirected towards ocean produced a child. He was born at the spot where Gangaa meets ocean.

The child started crying and that cry was so terrible that Devtaa had to go to Brahmaa Jee to do something about the child. Brahmaa Jee went to ocean. The ocean put that child in Brahmaa's lap and asked to name him and to tell him about his future. In the meantime the child pressed Brahmaa's neck so hard that tears rolled down from his eyes. Brahmaa Jee named him Jalandhar, and said that he would be a very mighty king of Asur and went away. Ocean brought him up with great care. Later Daitya Guru Shukraachaarya appointed him as the king of Asur, and asked the ocean to marry him to Kaalnemi's daughter Tulasee. Tulasee was a very pious girl, so because of her faithfulness and piety Jalandhar became invincible.

When Jalandhar saw Raahu without head, he became very perplexed and asked his Guru of its reason. Shukra told him the story of Saagar Manthan (churning of the Sea). Jalandhar got very angry hearing the story. He concluded from the story that  Devtaa stole the Amrit and jewels which appeared from the Saagar and thus insulted Daitya. So he sent a Daitya to Indra to hand him over all the gems which came out from the Saagar. When that messenger arrived in Indra's court and told the message of Jalandhar. Indra clearly refused to give anything to Jalandhar. At this Jalandhar invaded Devtaa under the commandership of Shumbh and Nishumbh. Devtaa got defeated and hid in Mount Sumeru caves. Then they went to Vishnu to ask for His help.

Vishnu set out to fight with Jalandhar.  As He was going, Lakshmee Jee requested Him not to kill Jalandhar, as he was Her brother - because both were born from the Sea. Both fought with no result. Then Vishnu told him about their relationship, so he invited Vishnu and Lakshmee to stay in his house. Meanwhile he confiscated all the wealth of Devtaa and became the ruler of Three Lok.

Jalandhar Fights With Shiv
Seeing Jalandhar the ruler of Trilok, Naarad Jee came to pay him a courtesy visit. Naarad Jee admired his city and kingdom very much, more than Kailaash, but one thing and that was Paarvatee. He told him that Paarvatee should be with him only. Jalandhar found a truth in Naarad's statement so he sent Raahu to Kailaash to tell Shiv Jee that he should hand over Paarvatee to him. As Raahu delivered his message to Shiv Jee, Shiv Jee produced a terrible human being from his eye brows. Raahu got frightened and asked Shiv's pardon as he was only the messenger of Jalandhar.

Shiv then called for Vishnu that why He had not killed Jalandhar till then, and why he lived with Jalandhar? Vishnu explained the birth of Jalandhar to Shiv and told him that only Shiv could kill him. He also told him that Jalandhar was invincible because of his wife's loyalty to him. On the other side Jalandhar was very angry at Shiv Jee as he did not give Paarvatee to him and threatened to his messenger also, so he organized his army and set off to invade Kailaash.

There was a great war. Whoever Daitya were killed Shukraachaarya brought them to life, so Shiv Jee produced a terrible woman who abducted Shukraachaaraya. Daitya got worried and retreated. Seeing this Jalandhar played another trick. he produced many Gandharv and Apsaraa who started dancing before Shiv Jee. Shiv Jee pardoned Jalandhar and he himself started dancing with them. Jalandhar wanted the same thing. He got the opportunity and he ran towards Paarvatee Jee to take her, but Paaravatee Jee disappeared and called Vishnu and expressed her anger to Him.

Vishnu and Tulasee
Here Tulasee was very much worried about Jalandhar, she went out in search of Jalandhar. When she was searching for him, Vishnu assumed the form of Jalandhar, met her and stayed with Tulasee. She regarded him as her husband, but soon she realized that this Jalandhar was free from bad habits. She knew that she was deceived by Vishnu so she cursed Him to change into a black stone and stay at her feet always. Vishnu accepted the curse, but asked her why, as a wife, she did not stop her husband to do all these atrocities. Tulasee accepted her mistake and in sheer guilt she died and fell on the feet of Paarvatee Jee.

After Tulasee's death Jalandhar attacked Shiv. Shiv inserted his big toe into the ocean and started to churn its waters. This created a terrible weapon, Sudarshan Chakra. Jalandhar fought with that Chakra also, but the Chakra cut his neck immediately. Shiv sent his blood and flesh to Yam Raaj and Yam Raaj created Mahaa Raurav Hell with their help. Jalandhar's soul was united with Shiv Jee.

But after Vrindaa's death, Vishnu got very sad. He took the ashes from her pyre and applied on HIs body and started wandering here and there - as once Shiv Jee wandered carrying Satee's body in his arms. Seeing the condition of Vishnu, Devtaa got worried about Him, because they had never seen Him like this before. They went to Shiv Jee and reported the incident requesting him to remove Vishnu's false attachment ot Vrindaa's body. Shiv Jee went to Paarvatee and said - "Now you are our only hope. Please help Vishnu." Then Paaravatee Jee took some seeds and with the help of Lakshmee Jee and Saraswate Jee gave them to Devtaa. Devtaa sprinkled them on the pyre of Vrindaa. Three holy plants grew from the pyre of Vrindaa - Tulasee, Aamalaa (Indian Gooseberry) and Maalatee. All the three are very dear to Vishnu.

That is how Vishnu's attachment was removed by Paarvatee Jee.

By Sushma Gupta


  1. Vrindaa was the wife of Jalandhar. In fact before being Tulasee plant, her name was Vrindaa.