Tuesday, June 5, 2012

When Satyabhaamaa Donated Krishn

It is a story of a wife when she donated her husband to a Rishi, because that Rishi assured her that when she would donate her husband to him, he would love her solely. We are not talking here about any ordinary woman and man, we are talking here about Krishn and His dear wife Satyabhaamaa.

Krishn had 16,008 wives. Among them His eight wives were His Chief wives or Pata-raanee. Their names were Rukminee, Jaambvatee, Satyabhaamaa, Kaalindee, Mitravrindaa, Bhadraa, Lakshmanaa, and Naagnjitee. Satyabhaamaa was known for her strong will and for Tantra. At the same time she was always jealous of Rukminee also. She thought that Krishn loved Rukminee the most and she wanted His love solely for herself. There are a couple of stories about her jealousy towards Rukminee, here is presented one - when Satyabhaamaa sold Krishn to Naarad Jee.

Satyabhaamaa was very proud of Krishn's love for herself and her love towards Krishn. Naarad Jee knew this and one day he thought to teach a lesson to her.  Once Naarad Jee came to Dwaarakaa and visited Krishn and His wives. During His visit, he told Satyabhaamaa that Krishn's love towards her was not so real, rather it was Rukminee who was the real controller of His heart. Satyabhaamaa could not bear this truth so she challenged Naarad to prove it. Naarad Jee was looking for this opportunity.

Naarad Jee tricked her with his words, that she should keep a vow and after the completion of that vow, she should give away Krishn to Naarad in donation. She may reclaim Him from Naarad by giving him as much wealth as His weight (this is called Tulaa Bhaar). Naarad Jee lured her that if she will take up this vow, give away her husband in donation to him and then taking Him back giving Tulaa Bhaar, Krishn's love will increase towards her hundredfold. He hinted her this also that her real wealth may not be sufficient to take Him back from Naarad. Satyabhaamaa accepted the challenge that she could raise so much wealth that it would be much more than His actual weight. At this point Naarad Jee warned her that if Satybhaamaa could not provide so much wealth, Krishn would be his slave and he would do with Him whatever he pleased.

So Satyabhaamaa observed the vow, and gave Krishn away to Naarad, although Krishn's other wives pleaded her not to do so, but she didn't listen to anybody. Krishn also had always been mischievous, so He did not say a word about all this, He just kept quiet and smiling. Now it was Satyabhaamaa's turn to take Him back from Naarad. Satybhaamaa immediately got all the wealth she had collected to weigh Krishn. A scale was set up. On one side sat Krishn and on the other side Satyabhaamaa started to put her collected wealth. She put all the wealth on that pane, but the scale did not shake even a bit. Satyabhaamaa started perspiring. On the other side Naarad started teasing her and threatening her to auction Krishn.

Satyabhaamaa desperately begged Krishn's other wives also to put their wealth on the scale. They did help her but still no use. Krishn was silently seeing all this and was sprinkling salt on Satyabhaamaa's open wounds of her ego. When nothing was coming out and Satyabhaamaa was about to cry, then Naarad got pity on Satyabhaamaa and suggested her to call Rukminee that she might be of some help. Satyabhaamaa was not ready to go to Rukminee, but at this time there was no alternative. If Krishn was not taken back from Naarad, what she would answer to Rukminee, at the same time she did not want to lose Krishn too. So she swallowed her pride, and went to Rukminee and told her the whole story. Rukminee smiled and promised to help her in spite of her pride.

Rukminee came there, prayed Her husband, took out a leaf of Tulasee from her clothes and put it on the side of wealth. Lo and behold, suddenly the scale from wealth side became so heavy that even after removing all the wealth it touched the ground with just the weight of Tulasee leaf. Thus Rukminee got Krishn back just giving out only a Tulassee leaf. Satybhaamaa took a great sigh of relief and thanked Rukminee very much.

Such is Bhagavaan Krishn who can even be weighed by a Tulasee leaf. Offer Him a Tulasee leaf only and please Him.

Sushma Gupta


  1. Besides this interesting story of Shri Krishn's wives...., the more important thing is here the importance of TUSLSI LEAF.

  2. Yes, It is very dear to Vishnu. Krishn is Vishnu's Avataar that is why he could be pleased only just by a small leaf of Tulasee.