Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why Naarad Wanders Around

Everybody knows that Naarad Jee does not have a house or place to live. He always wanders around. he cannot sit at one place. Have you ever thought why is it so? It is said that all beings enjoy and suffer the fruits of their Karm. So what is that Karm which has resulted in this situation of Naarad Jee that he has to wander all over the Universe without having his own house or Lok? We get this story in Bhaagvat Puraan, Skandh 6, Chapter 5.

In the beginning of the world, there was a Raajaa Praacheenbarhi who had 10 sons - they all were called Prachetaa Gan because they were all alike in form and qualities. Their father asked them to produce children so they all went to do Tap to get children. They did Tap and got married. They had a son named Daksh from their wife.

Daksh, first produced Devtaa, Asur, human beings etc, but found that his creation was not growing in the way he wanted, so he did very hard Tap and Bhagavaan gave him Asiknee named woman to grow population. Daksh produced 10,000 sons from her. Daksh asked his 10,000 sons to produce more children, so they all also went to do Tap. Seeing this Naarad Jee came there and asked them - "Have you seen the end of the Prithvi?" They replied "No". Naarad Jee aid - "You are fools. When you have not seen the end of the Prithvi, how can you create the world?" They got convinced. Thus Naarad Jee convinced them not to go for creation but on Moksh path. They all went away from there only to from where nobody comes on Earth.

When Daksh Jee heard this he got very sad. Brahmaa Jee came to him and calmed him down. Then Daksh Jee produced 1,000 sons more from Asiknee. He ordered them too to produce children, so they also followed the path of their elder brothers. When they were doing Tap, Naarad Jee again went to them and preached the same as he preached their elder brothers. They also understood Naarad's guidance and went on Moksh path.

Hearing this Daksh got very angry, he said to Naarad Jee - "You have done very bad to us. They had not paid their Rishi Rin yet through Brahmcharya, Dev Rin through Yagya, and Pitri Rin through producing sons and you have destroyed their pleasure of both Lok - this Lok and Par Lok. I have tolerated it once, but this time I will not tolerate it. I curse you that you will also not be able to live at one place and you will be wandering all around."

Since then Naarad Jee has not been able to make home,  live at one place, and has been wandering all around. This is the secret of Naarad's wandering around all over. This was his Karm for which he has to suffer so much for his whole life.

Sushma Gupta

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