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God's Grace in Kali Yug-2

I wrote a blog on "God's Grace in Kali Yug" which described those people who had the Darshan of Bhagavaan (God) in this Kali Yug. They were Mayoor, Baan Bhatt, Maanatungaa (a Jain), Tulasee Daas (3 times), Soor Daas and Melpaathur Naaraayan Bhataathiri.

Today I am going to write about some more people who either  had Darshan of  Bhagavaan or got help from Him in this Kali Yug. The incident quoted here of Samarth Raamdaas shows that he had the Darshan of Raam, but about Meeraa Bai, we are not sure whether she had Darshan or not, The other two Danaji Pant and Dasopant certainly did not have Darshan but they were saved by Him.

Samarth Raamdaas
Samarth Raamdaas was a great saint and Bhakt of Raam and Hanumaan from Maharashtra. He used to do Keertan (Jaap of Hari Naam) of  "Shree Raam Jaya Raam, Jaya Jaya Raam". There are 13 Akshar (letters) in this. He performed 13 crore Jap of this Mantra at Tafaalee, near Naasik, on the banks of the Godaavaree. Once Raam appeared before him. He told Raam - "I am unable to concentrate on the Jap if I keep counting it like this. I wish to do the Jap thinking of you,instead, I am compelled to count the Jap." So he ordered Raam - "When my 13 crore Jap is completed, ring the bell of your "Kodand" (bow)!" and Raam complied with this request. Every time, Raamdaas completed 13 crore Jaap, Raam would then appear before him and request him - "If people like you sat in the cave doing Jap, then who would do "Uddhaar" (help) of the people of the world? So, go out to do "Lok Uddhaar"." It is also said that Raam ordered him to visit holy places.

Meeraa Bai
Meeraa Bai was a Raajpoot queen. She was living in Raajpootaanaa (modern Raajasthaan) in 6th century. She was the wife of Raanaa kumbhaa of Chittaur Garh. She was a great devotee of Krishn, so she refused to worship the family Deity Durgaa. She neglected the household responsibilities also because of which she had to face many difficulties. Her husband tried to kill her by several ways (by giving her poison, by sending snakes etc) several times (as Hiranyakashyap tried to kill his son Prahlaad), but because of her Deity Krish she always survived. She used to write poems as a Krishn Bhakt, but this was also not like by her family members. After all, she left the home at the age of 30, and went first  to   Mathuraa and Vrindaa Van and then to Dwaarakaa.

It is believed that she became one with Krishn, as people saw her going in the temple and singing in a state of ecstasy. The temple door was shut after her. When the door of the temple was opened, her Saaree was found around the statue of Krishn.

Damaji Pant
Damaji Pant (pronounced as Daamaajee Pant) was an ardent devotee of Vithobaa (Krishn) of Pandharpur. He was a village official at Mangalvedh under the Muslim rule. Once there happened a famine and the King did not take care of his people. Damaji noticed this and distributed grains from the government granary. Some people who were not happy with Damaji, complained the King about this that either he should pay for the grains or he should be punished, At the last minute a person named Vitthu (Krishn) came from nowhere and paid the full amount.

A similar account is found in Dattaatreya Gyaanopadesh about Dasopant (pronounced as Daasopant). he was a village clerk of Bidar. He also donated grains to people, and was imprisoned and was threatened that he would have to be converted to a Muslim if he did  not pay the required amount within a month. At the last moment a man named as Datta Padewar came and paid the money in full and save Dasopant to convert in a Muslim. he was none other than Dattaatreya,

See also God's Grace in Kali Yug to read some incidents of God's Grace in Kali Yug.

Sushma Gupta

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