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Divine Weapons-2

Last time I wrote about Vishnu's Weapons. This time I am writing about some other Divine weapons which were used by other Devtaa. Although there are many Divine weapons apart from Vishnu's Divine weapons, but Shiv's Tri-shool (trident), Indra's Vajra are some other powerful ones.

Shiv's Tri-shool
According to one story, when Vishwakarmaa shaved off Soorya's Tej for his daughter Sangyaa, he made several Divine weapons from that shaving. Vishnu's Divine Disc was one, and Shiv's Tri-shool was another. In fact Tri-shool is not only three points are not only the points, but they depict many things, such as 3 Naadee, means energy channels. These three Naadee are Idaa, Pingalaa and Sushumnaa. There are many other three things which these three points depict, such as - Trinity (Creator, Sustainer and Destructor); three Ggun (Sat, Raj and Tam); Kaal or Time (past, present and future) etc etc. Shiv's Tri-shool is very powerful. It has done lots of jobs, Shiv Jee severed Ganesh's head with it. He kept Tripuraasur's head over it for 1,000 years.

Shiv's Bow
Shiv Jee has a bow also. Its name is Pinaak,  that is why he is called as Pinaak-dhaaree. Pinaak has the snake in place of bowstring," and this snake is a 7-headed snake. This bow is of rainbow color. He destroyed Tripur with an arrow shot from this bow.

Shiv's Shaft
He has a shaft too. Its name is Paashupat Astra. Once he gave this Astra to Arjun. Sage Upamanyu says that this Astra is superior than Brahmaastra, Vaishnavaastra, Varunaastra etc.

Shiv's Shool
he has one another weapon, called Shool. He gave this weapon to Lavanaasur and Lavanaasur killed King Maandhaataa with this weapon. It is a very terrible weapon making people's hair stand. The handle of this Shool is made of snake. It is indescribable.

Shiv'a Axe
He has one another weapon, that is axe. He gave this weapon to Parashuraam to destroy Kshatriya. Parashuraam used it to destroy them to empty Prithvi 21 times. It is sharp-edged battle-axe and is also adorned with snake.

Indra's Vajra
Indra's Vajra is another powerful Divine weapon. It was made when he had to subdue Vritraasur Raakshas. He was unable to be killed by any weapon, so Indra went to Brahmaa Jee and Brahmaa Jee sent him to Vishnu. Vishnu suggested him to go to Maharshi Dadheechi. He said - "Dadheechi's body is very strong after doing so hard Tap, so you go to him and ask him his bones. then you ask Vishwakarmaa to make a weapon from those bones and then you kill Vritraasur." Indra obeyed Him and went to Dadheechi and asked for his bones. Dadheechi left his mortal body through Yog for the welfare of Devtaa. Indra gave those bones to Vishwakarmaa, he made the Vajra out of those bones and then only Indra could kill Vritraasur.

Indra's Bow Vijaya
Indra had a Divine bow named Vijaya. When Parashuraam Jee killed Sahastrabaahu, he got so happy that he gave his Vijaya named bow to him. Parashuraam Jee used this bow to empty Prithvi from Ksahatriya 21 times. Later pleased with his disciple Karn, he gave this bow to him. Karn became unconquerable with the help of this bow.

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