Saturday, December 28, 2013

Folktales of Various Countries-2

In my previous blog I wrote that how the project of collecting folktales of various countries was started. Here I write how this project is implemented.

Touch Read Project
To make them available first to our visually handicapped community I contacted National Association for the Blind in Mumbai, India and requested them to publish them in Braille script for the visually handicapped people. They were very happy to publish them.

Then I established a Project "Touch Read" project under which all these stories will be published by NAB Press. Because there are too many stories, they are published under the series "Desh Videsh ki Lok Kathayen".

As a consequence of these efforts  its first collection "Folktales from Nigeria, Part 1" is out in Braille script under the series "Desh Videsh ki Lok Kathayen" and the project "Touch Read".

This title has already been sent to 98 Hindi speaking schools of India.
This book is available free of charge to all Hindi Braille readers. 
Interested people can write to  ------- 

Another title in the series "Desh Videsh Ki Lok Kathayen"  is "Folktales of Nigeria, Part 2" is underway and will be out soon. As soon it will be out, we will inform our readers here.

As this Project has been started as a help project, all donations are welcome with a lot of gratitude. Help a visually handicapped person to see the world through a book. One book takes normally around $2.00 - $2.50  to reach its reader. Your little donation will help a visually handicapped person to broaden his or her horizon through a book sitting at home.

Folktales of Various Countries-1

Sushma Gupta


  1. The project is on its way of progress; soon, these books will be available in HINDI print media also;.

  2. Thanks Davendra,
    We need your and people's support and best wishes to further this project.
    You are right, soon these stories will be available in normal print medium too.
    Thanks for your best wishes.

  3. Well thought series and wishing these fulfill their purpose

    1. Thanks Mamta Ji,
      We also hope so, your well wishing is most welcome.