Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Foreign Folktales in Hindi-3

Free Folktale Books on Scribd
A few days ago I published a blog about my new book  -  Odd Marriages: Folktales from Africa

Hope you might have read it and like it. Two day ago I have published another book, on Scribd "Stories of Justice". This is also a very interesting book. You will admire people who did justice in it, and you will laugh at people who did justice in it. This is also for you to read free.

Doing justice is not an easy job. It is a task which has to be completed with intelligence and faithfulness. Sometimes it needs some sacrifice also.

This book carries stories of justice from very ancient time to not so modern time, and
from all kinds of people and animals, as how do they do justice with their subjects.
These folktales and stories have been selected from all over the world - Israel, Ethiopia, Persia, India etc etc.

It is really interesting to read these folktales and stories and tell them to others.
You will indeed enjoy them.
Happy reading...

Sushma Gupta

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