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God's Grace in Kali Yug

When people read stories of Bhagvaan's Darshan in Puraan and in our other scriptures, they do not believe them for several reasons -
(1) Many times they do not even believe in Bhagvaan
(2) Many times they do not believe that Bhagvaan can show up to a mortal man
(3) Many times they say that these things happened only in Sat, or Tretaa or Dwaapar Yug, this is Kali Yug, it does not happen in Kali Yug.
(4) Many times they say that  those are only stories, just to confuse or misguide innocent people.

They might be true in their own beliefs, but here I have collected some incidents, happened only in Kali Yug, when Bhagvaan did either miracles to them or gave His Darshan to them.

(1) Mayoor
There was a Sanskrit poet, named Mayoor, during 6th-7th century,  he was a relative of another famous Sanskrit poet Baan Bhatt. Some say that he was Shree Harsh's court while others maintain that he was in King Bhoj's court. he is the same King Bhoj about whom a saying in Hindi is very famous - "Kahaan Raajaa Bhoj aur Kahaan Gangoo Telee". It is regarding Bhoj's immense wealth. As Mayoor was a relative of Baan Bhatt - it is said that Mayoor's sister was married to Baan. Once Mayoor wrote a new poem and went to his sister's house to tell it to his friend Baan, but there he found his sister quarreling with her hsband, and Baan was trying to please her with his beautiful poems. Mayoor could not control himself hearing his submissive poems, so he recited some poetical lines himself too. His sister got so angry hearing that, that she cursed him to be a leper. His sister was a Pativrataa woman so her curse came true, and the marks of leprosy appeared on his body as she pronounced the curse on him.

Although he went to the King's court next day in that condition, but seeing him in that condition, Bhoj sent him back. Now he retired to a temple of Soorya Dev and started worshiping him with his 100-verse long poem which became famous as "Soorya Shatak". When he had recited the 6th verse, Soorya Bhagvaan appeared before him in person and asked what he could for him. Mayoor bowed to him and said - "Deliver me from my leprosy." Soorya Bhagvaan said - "Although I also suffer in my feet, but I will cure you from your leprosy. I will give you my one ray." And his one ray enveloped Mayoor's body and his all leprosy spots disappeared immediately. At this Mayoor's fame increased a lot.

(2) Baan Bhatt
Baan Bhatt was a Sanskrit poet, in Shree Harsh or King Bhoj's court. Mayoor was his good friend, so Mayoor married his sister to him. After Mayoor became famous, Baan developed a kind of jealousy with him, so to show his own power, he cut his own arms and feet and praised Devee Chandikaa with 100-verse Stotra, It is said that at the recitation of the 6th syllable of the 1st verse Devee Chandikaa herself appeared in person, and restored his all limbs.

(3) Maanatungaa (a Jain)
When all that happened with Mayiir and Baan, some non-believers in Bhagvaan said to Jain people - "Do you also have something like this in your religion? If you have, then show something, otherwise go out of the city." There was one Jain monk Maanatungaa there, he said - "Our Deities have got emancipation, so what miracles they can show, still, I will show you the work of their servants - the lower gods." So he allowed himself to be bound with 44 fetters and sat in the back part of the Rishabh Dev Temple. He then composed a hymn of praise and recited it. Surprisingly with the recitation of each stanza, his one fetter broke, and as he completed his 44 stanzas, he was free from those fetters. Then he faced the tTemple and taught the law.

(4) Tulasee Daas Jee - Darshan of Hanumaan,  Raam and Lakshman
Everybody must have heard  the name of Tulasee Daas - he lived during 15th and 16th centuries. He was a great Raam Bhakt. He has written Raamaayan and many other poetry books in praise of Raam. Since Hanumaan Jee was also Raam Bhakt, he also worshiped Hanumaan. When Tulasee was in Vaaraanasee, he used to go to take bath in Gangaa River every morning. He carried a small pitcher with him in which he brought some water. While coming back he poured that water into the roots of a tree. That was his routine.

By chance a Pret lived on that tree. Once that Pret got very pleased with Tulasee's routine, so he appeared before him and asked him to ask for something from him. Tulasee was not in a mood to ask anything from a Pret so he tried to ignore his request, but the Pret was adamant, so he said - "I am Raam Bhakt, so I wish to have Darshan of Shree Raam, if possible." Pret said - "I cannot do this work myself, but I can tell you the person who can help you in this regard. You go to the temple, Raam Kathaa is going on there. There comes a leper who comes first among all the pwople and goes in the last of all. He is not a leper, he is Hanumaan Jee. You go and hold his feet, I am sure he will surely help you." Tulasee Daas Jee got very happy to hear this.

Tulasee went to that temple. He did find a leper who came first of all the Bhakt coming there and sat there till last. When the Raam Kathaa was over, Tulasee Daas Jee held his feet. Hanumaan Jee tried to be free from his grip but Tulasee did not leave them, he said - "I know that you are not a leper, but Hanumaan Jee. Please help me to get Raam's Darshan." Hanumaan Jee said - "All right, you go and live in Chitrakoot, you will have His Darshan there." Tulasee Daas Jee went to Chitrakoot. Once he was sitting outside his hut and he saw two most handsome princes riding their horses, but he could not recognize them. Hanumaan Jee was sitting nearby, he asked him - "Did you see them?" "Who?" "Those Raam and Lakshman?"  "Where?"  "They were going on horses just now." Tulasee started crying at his ignorance. Hanumaan Jee consoled him and assured him that he would see them again and he himself would tell him when they would be there.

Once Tulasee was rubbing sandalwood to apply sandal Tilak to pilgrims, that two most handsome youths came there and asked him to apply the Tilak to them. Tulasee applied sandal Tilak to them too. Hanumaan was sitting on a nearby tree, he immediate read a Dohaa - "Chitrakoot ke Ghaat pe Bhaee Santan kee Bheer, Tulasee Daas Chandan Ghisen Tilak Det Raghubeer." Hearing this Tulasee Daas Jee recognized Raaam and Lakshman and he fell on their feet.

(5) Tulasee Daas - when Krishn picked bow and arrow
Once Tulasee Daas Jee went to Dwaarakaa (a city in modern day state of Gujaraat, India, which is a birthplace of Krishn) to visit Nand Daas, a devotee of Krishn. On reaching there, he found Nand Daas in the Krishn temple, so he went there to see him. Tulasee Daas could not bear to look at the idol of Krishn. He could not understand why Nand Daas worshipped Krishn instead of Raam.

Nand Daas was saddened by Tulasee Daas' incorrect attitude towards other deities. He prayed to Krishn to help his friend. Within minutes, the idol of Krishn was transformed into that of  Raam. Immediately, Tulasee Daas realized his mistake. He realized that both were different forms of the same Lord and none was superior to the other. He felt repentant and tears started rolling down his cheeks. He hugged the idol and asked the Lord to forgive him. Nand Daas was happy too, as Tulasee Daas had finally realized the Truth. Both felt gratitude towards the Lord.

In its another version, Tulasee Daas heard the beauty of temples of Mathuraa, so he wenr there to se them. He went in one temple and just stood there admiring the statue of Krishn, but he did not bow his head to Him. The priest of that temple asked him to bow his head to him but Tualsee said -
"Tulasee Maathaa Tab Nabai jab Dhanush Baan Lo Haath".

It is said that immediately Krishn's idol was seen carrying bow and arrow in His hands and then only Tulasee bowed his head. The priest was so surprised to see Tulasee's Bhakti towards Raam.

(6) Tulasee Daas Jee - Hanumaan's grace
Once Tulasee Daas Jee had a very bad pain in his arm. When the pain became unbearable, he prayed Hanumaan by writing a prayer to Hanumaan - Hanumaan Baahuk, and Hanumaan Jee cured his pain.

(7)  Soor Daas
Soor Daas Jee was a great poet of 15th and 16th century. He lived in Tulasee and Akbar's period. He was blind since birth. He used to write devotional songs for Krishn and sang them in his sweet voice. It is said that since he was blind, either he himself fell in a dry well or somebody pushed him there. He shouted loudly to take him out of the well, but nobody came to his help. He was there for 7 days. Then one day he heard a child's voice - "Come and hold my hand, I will take you out." Soor Daas held his hand and the child took him out. It is said that Krishn Himself came there to take him out of the well, gave him His Darshan and asked him to ask for any boon. Soor Daas said - "I do not want to see any other thing after seeing you, besides you give me your unbroken love throughout my life." Krishn said - "So be it." and disappeared. Soor Daas became blind again singing krishn's Bhajan.

(8) Melpaathur Naaraayan Bhattathiri
Melpaathur was a Malayaalam poet, from Kerala. He was born in a Namboodareepaad Braahman family (Namboodareepaad are considered very high Braahman there) and lived during the 16th and 17th century. Once his father-in-law was suffering from severe rheumatism, he prayed God and got his disease transferred to himself. He consulted a great translator of Raamaayan of that time and he suggested to him to write about all incarnations of Vishnu - starting from His Fish incarnation. Melpaathur then wrote the summary of Bhaagvat Puraan. He planned to write 100 chapters and wrote one chapter of 10 Shlok each each day . His younger brother wrote it down for him. Its 3rd chapter shows a prayer about his father's-in-law sickness and suffering, because in that chapter he prays Lord to cure him. From then on every last verse of his every chapter contains a plea to God to cure him.

His book was completed on November 27, 1587. People believe that when Melpaathur recited the last chapter of his book, he had the Darshan of Lord Krishn or Guruvayurappan and he got cured of his disease. Millions of devotees have been cured by the recital of Naaraayaneeyam, and many of them have been cured of the disease of rheumatism. It is available in several languages - Malayaalam, Tamil, and English. It can be read in any language to get its benefit.

Thus these events are not very old and prove that Bhagvaan is there and give His Darshan to His Bhakt and help them too in their bad times. More later....

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Sushma Gupta


  1. Nice stories to believe in GOD; there may be more like these stories: Meera Bai is one.

  2. Yes, there are still more stories, you are right Meeraa Baaee is one, there are some others too..... I will write another one with more stories