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Stotra by Poets for Cure

Today I am going to write about those poets who wrote their poetic pieces or Stotra to cure themselves for their incurable diseases. It is not only Bhakt or gods' devotees who pray God to cure themselves, even poets also can do it. The following poets wrote Stotra to cure either themselves or some other person.

Mayoor was a Royal poet in the court of Shreeharsh during 6th and 7th century AD. he was the contemporary of Baan Bhatt and Kaalidaas poets. Once Mayoor suffered from leprosy because of his sister's curse, so he went to a Sun temple and wrote "Soorya  Shatak" to please Soorya Dev to cure his leprosy disease. It is said that when he recited the 6th verse Soorya Dev appeared before him. Mayoor bowed to him and asked him to deliver him from this incurable disease. Soorya Dev said - "Although I also suffer on my feet because of my sin, but still I will cure your leprosy. I will give you my one ray to cure it." and he went away. His one ray enveloped his body and he became all right. When he went to the court next day, everybody was very surprised to see him cured of such a terrible disease so soon.

Baan Bhatt
Baan Bhatt was Mayoor's brother-in-law (sister's husband) and was a renowned poet in the same court as Mayoor's - Shreeharsh's court. Baan himself was very surprised to see this. Being jealous with him, and to show his powers to all  he cut off his hands and feet and then pleased Devee Chandikaa to cure his limbs. He wrote "Devee Shatak" and recited it to please her. It is said the as he pronounced the 6th syllable of his 1st verse of Devee Shatak, Devee Chandikaa appeared before him and restored his four limbs.

Maanatungaa Sooree - a Jain Monk
In those days, people were against Jainism, so they asked one Jain monk Maanatungaa, if they have any such miracle in their religion. If they have, they should show it otherwise leave the city. Maanatungaa said - "Our gods are not here, but the demigods can do similar works, so i show you that. he tied himself in 42 chains and shut himself up in a closed room. he then composed "Bhaktaamar Stotra" and freed himself from there. he converted Raajaa Bhoj by showing this miracle.

Dandee Poet
Dandee poet was a Sanskrit author of prose romances who lived in Kaancheepuram in Tamil Naadu, during 6th and 7th centuries. Once Dandee Poet suffered from leprosy which could not be cured by several medicines. As a last resort he worshiped Bhagavaan Saamb Shiv by Anaamaya Stotra and got relieved from the dreadful disease. Bhagavaan Saamb Shiv is called the first Vaidya (traditional doctor) for the Universe in Ved. As such that Stotra has the same effect in curing several diseases, acute or chronic. Its name "Anaamaya" itself means :"no disease".

Melpaathur Naaaraayan Bhattaathiri
Melpaathur Naaraayan Bhattaathiri. was a Malayaalee poet from Kerala. He lived during 1560-1632 AD. Bhattaathiri was a great poet. Once his father-in-law suffered from severe rheumatism. he prayed the God and transferred his sickness to himself. Later he consulted a great translator of Raamaayan and suggested him to write about all the incarnations of Vishnu, so he studied Bhaagvat Puraan and wrote its 10th Skandh as Naaraayaneeyam, in 100 chapters, 10 Shlok in each chapter. His younger brother wrote them down.

His first 2 chapters do not show anything, but its 3rd chapter certainly shows a prayer to his father-in-law's sickness and suffering because in this chapter he prays to cure his sickness. From then every last verse of every chapter contained a plea to God to cure him. People believe that at the end of the last verse of his book, he had the Darshan of Lord Guruvayurappaa and he got cured from his disease. Since then millions of devotees have been cured of rheumatism by reciting this Naaraayaneeyam. It is available in several languages. It can be read in any language to get its benefit.

Tulasee Daas
Tulasee Daas Jee was a great Bhakt of Raam and Hanumaan. He lived during the 16th and 17th century. Once Tulasee Daas Jee had a lots of pain in his arm. It was not getting cured by any medicine, so he wrote Hanumat Badavaanal Stotra to please Hanumaan Jee challenging him to cure his pain in his arm. It is believed that Hanumaan Jee cured his arm pain.

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Sushma Gupta

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  1. I thought that music has miraclous powers but it appears that poetry too has such powers. In fact , this is one's devotion that gives the desired power.