Monday, November 19, 2012

Real Names-2

Once before I wrote something about real namess, that write-up was about old names - means before Kali Yug. Here are some real names of modern people - existed in Kali Yug. Read and enjoy them and extend the horizon of your knowledge --

Mahaaveer Jee lived during 6th century BC." What was his real name?" "I don't know." you might hear this reply in response of your question. He was born in Kundal Graam, in Vaishaalee district, in Patanaa. He was the son of a king named Siddhaarth and his wife Trishalaa. While he was still in the womb, he brought much wealth to the entire kingdom that is why he was named as Vardhamaan. It is said that Trishalaa had 14 auspicious dreams before giving birth to him. At the age of 30, he renounced the kingdom, gave up all his worldly possessions including clothes and got busy in meditation.

Gautam Buddh
Gautam Buddha also lived in 6th century BC. He was a son of a king, Shuddhodan, As he was born, the priests predicted that he would leave the world at a very early age. His father wanted his heir for his kingdom, so he planned his upbringing in this way that he should not see any bad thing, or bad scene or sorrow and live always in a happy environment. This will make him, he thought, indulged in the world and then later he will be interested in his kingdom. He married him early also to keep him busy with his family. He got one son also soon - Raahul. But the king forgot that the destiny is more powerful than a man's efforts. One day, Siddhaarth saw a beggar, a corpse, and a leper on the way. He got Vairaagya and left his kingdom, wife and the newborn son and went to forest.

Chaanakya or Kautilya
Chaanakya lived in the 4th century BC. Who knows his real name? Nobody. When he was born he had full set of teeth. Seeing tis the priest predicted that he would become a king. His father Aachaarya Chanak did not want him to be a king so he broke his some teeth and asked the priest - "Now what?" The priest said - "Now he himself will not be a king, but will help somebody in being the king." Chanak had no objection in that. He was named as Vishnu Gupt. Later he made Chandragupt Maurya the King of Magadh and he himself got famous as Chaanakya because of being the son of Aachaarya Chanak.and Kautilya because of his cunning policies.

Tulasee Daas
Tulasee Daas Jee lived in 16th and 17th centuries. When he was born he spoke "Raam", that is why he was named "Raam Bolaa". Today his real name is not at all known to people, he is well known only by the name of Tulasee Daas. He was Raam and Hanumaan Bhakt and his most famous works are Raam Charit Maanas, Vinaya Patrikaa, Hanumaan Chaaleesaa etc

Soor Daas
Soor Daas was also lived in 16th and 17th centuries. It is really an irony that people do not know his real name, nor he himself remembered his own real name. It is because he was blind since birth, so people used to call him Soor Daas and hearing that name he himself also forgot his real name. He was Krishn Bhakt. He wrote many poetic pieces in praise of Krishn - they are collected in Soor Saagar.

Raamkrishn Paramhans
Raamkrishn Paramhans lived during 19th century. He was from Bengal. His real name was Gadaadhar Chattopaadhyaaya. When he was initiated by his Guru he was named Raamkrishn.

Dayanand Saraswati
Dayanand Saraswati was a revolutionary reformer living in 19th century. He was from Gujaraat and was born in a Braahman family. He has done a lot of work for Indian society. His most notably known works are a book "Satyaarth Prakaash" to propound his Aarya Samaaj ideas among Hindu society, translation of Ved from Vaidik Sanskrit to normal Sanskrit and their translation, and to promote equal rights for women, such as, rights for education and reading Hindu scriptures. He has become so popular with his this nmame that nobody knows his real name. His real name was Mool Shankar.

These are some of the people of Kali Yug whose real names are also not very well known to people.

Sushma Gupta

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  1. All these people mentioned here are known with their popular names not by by their real names.