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Brothers Fights

Fight normally breaks among two different people or friends etc, normally not among brothers; but brothers also fight among each other. Today my blog is on some brothers who fought among themselves.

(1) Devtaa and Asur
Brahmaa's son was Mareechi and Mareechi had a son named Kashyap. Kashyap Jee was married to 13 daughters of Daksh Prajaapati. Among those 13 wives his three wives gave birth to Devtaa, Daitya and Daanav. Aditi gave birth to Devtaa, Diti gave birth to Daitya and Danu gave birth to Daanav. Daitya and Daanav were of similar nature, while Devtaa were of just opposite nature of Daitya and Daanav. Both, Devtaa and Daitya and Daanav used to fight often and since Daitya and Daanav were more powerful than Devtaa. They often defeated Devtaa. Then they had to go to Vishnu or Shiv and then they had to rescue them. It happened several times. Saagar Manthan and Vaaman Avataar events are the results of such battles.

(2) Sund and Upasund
This is a very interesting story. There was a Daitya named Nikumbh in the family of Hiranyakashyap. Nikumbh had two sons - Sund and Upasund. They loved each other so much so they shared each other's things, sorrows, happiness, everything, with each other. Once they did Tapasyaa and obtained the boon from Brahmaa Jee of many weapons, and powers. They wanted the boon of immortality also but Brahmaa Jee said - "This is not possible, you may ask some condition of your death which is like being immortal." They thought since they loved each other very much nobody would kill each other, this will delay their death, so they asked him - "We should not fear from any created thing in the world except each other." Brahmaa Jee said - "So be it." and disappeared.

Now they started troubling people in all the three Lok. Braahman went to Brahmaa Jee and asked to end their atrocities. Now how to create a fight between them? Brahmaa Jee thought for a while, then called Vishwakarmaa and asked him to create the most beautiful woman in the world. He created a very beautiful woman named Tilottamaa. Brahmaa Jee asked her to go to Sund and Upasund to tempt them so that they start fighting with each other as soon as they saw her. She did so. Both, as they saw her, got attracted to her and wanted to marry her. "I will marry her", "I will marry her." and saying this both started fighting with each other. After a while they both killed each other, and thus their atrocities came to an end.

(3) Baali and Sugreev
Their story comes in Raam Charit Maanas and Vaalmeeki Raamaayan. They both were real brothers. Baali was the elder brother  and was the king of Kishkindhaa Nagaree and Sugreev was the younger brother, so he was like Minister to his elder brother. Baali was Indra's son. Indra gave him a garland which if worn at the time of fighting, nobody could defeat him. Besides he had a boon from Brahmaa Jee that whenever he would fight with anybody, he would take away half of the strength of his opponent, and thus the opponent could never defeat Baali.

Once Maya Daanav's son Maayaavee challenged Baali for a fight. Maayaavee took him to a cave. Sugreev followed them. Baali asked Sugreev to wait outside the gate of the cave for 2 weeks, and if he did not come back, he should regard him as dead. There they fought for quite some time. Sugreev waited there for 1 month. Then a blood stream flowed from the gate of the cave. Sugreev thought that Maayaavee had killed Baali so he came back.

Since there was nobody to take care of the kingdom, the ministers appointed Sugreev the king of Kishkindhaa in Baali's absence. Later Baali came after killing Maayaavee and got very angry to see Sugreev as the king of Kishkindhaa. He sent him out of his kingdom and Sugreev went away with four ministers. He started living on Rishyamook mountain with his ministers. There he met Raam and Lakshman, Raam promised him to get his kingdom back and kill Baali. He sent Sugreev to fight with his brother, and assured him that He would kill Baali. So Sugreev went to fight with Baali and Raam killed Baali from behind a tree,

(4) Kaurav and Paandav
This is the most famous fight among brothers after Devtaa and Asur fights. Kaurav were the sons of Dhritraashtra and Paandav were the sons of Paandu. Paandu's children were born when he was in the forest. In the meantime Shakuni (Kaurav's Maamaa) and Dhritraashtra instigated Duryodhan and Dushaasan that the kingdom was theirs, not of Paandav. But unfortunately Paandu died in the forest, and his wife Kuntee and  5 son, all came to Hastinaapur. When people told them that Paandav were also the heirs of the kingdom, Duryodhan did not like the idea. Shakuni suggested Duryodhan many plans to kill Paandav to remove them from the scene, but he could not succeed. At last they fought among themselves and many people were killed. Dhritraashtra's whole family got killed. This war was called Mahaabhaarat War or Kuru Kshetra War.

So there has been a few fights among brothers in the ancient history of India.

Sushma Gupta

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