Tuesday, April 16, 2013

When Vishnu Was Tested

Last time I wrote a blog on how Vishnu was cursed by people, this blog is about how Vishnu was tested. Tested for what? To decide that who was the greatest Devtaa. This story comes in the end of Padm Puraan.

Once Rishi gathered and started arguing that who was the greatest Devtaa among all Devtaa. Certainly there were three Devtaa who were the greatest among all Devtaa, but among these three Devtaa, who was the greatest? When quite some time passed arguing on this and no conclusion could be drawn, Rishi assigned this work to Maharshi Bhrigu. They asked him to find out as who was the greatest Devtaa among them. Bhrigu Jee set on his journey.

 First Bhrigu Jee came to Kailaash Parvat where  Shiv Jee lived. There he saw Nandee standing holding a trident in his hand. He said to him - I am Bhrigu, I have come here to have a Darshan of Mahaadev. So inform him that I have come here." Nandee said in harsh voice - "You cannot see him now. he is with Devee at this hour. If you want to live, then go back." Bhrigu saod - "This Rudra does not know this Braahman under the influence of Tamo Gun therefore whatever food, flower will be offered to him will not be worth eating." And thus cursing him he came from there.

Next he went to Brahmaa Jee. Brahmaa Jee was sitting in his court. He was enjoying Apsaraa's dances with his courtiers. He did not pay any attention to him. Bhrigu Jee said -  "You have ignored me under the Rajo Gun therefore nobody in the whole world will worship you." Thus cursing him Bhrigu Jee came from there

Next he came to Vishnu - on the shore of Ksheer Saagar. The Mahaatmaa people living there welcomed him and he went tot Vishnu's inner apartments without hesitation. There he saw Lakshmee-Pati sleeping  on His Shesh serpent bed and Lakshmee Jee was massaging His feet. Seeing Him like this Muni got very angry  and hit Him on His chest with his left foot. Bhagavaan immediately got up and said - "I am blessed today." and started massaging his feet. He then said - "Today I am blessed that you foot touched my body. It will always make me holy."

Then Bhagavaan worshiped Bhrigu Jee, Bhrigu Jee also greeted Him with his folded hands and said - "Oh, How lovely form is yours? You are the sea of qualities. Only you are the faithful to Braahman and you are the Purushottam. Only you are the worthy of worship.that is why every Braahman should worship you and take Prasaad from the Naivedya offered to you. I hit my foot on your chest only to test your qualities and conduct. Please pardon me for that. He greeted His feet and came back.

He told  Rishi Muni that Shiv was influenced by Tamo Gun, Brahmaa Jee was influenced by Rajo Gun, it was only Naaraayan who is the Devtaa for all Braahman, therefore you should worship Vishnu. Only by remembering Vishnu, you will get free from sins. You should worship Him with 8-letter Mantra and one should always do Jaap, Havan, Daan for Him."

Sushma Gupta

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  1. Rishi BHIRUGU had his experience meeting with TRIDEV-SHIV, Brahama and VISHNU ji; nice story