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Death of Moses-2

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Moses Meets the Death Angel
Now from that day Moses started wearing his death dress every Friday and waited for his death that perhaps on that the Death angel comes to take his life. Thus lots of time passed and Moses forgot about his death. One day Moses again went on Mount Sinai to pray God and he prayed God. The Death angel appeared in the form of an Israel young man and said to Moses - "Be happy, Moses."

When Moses heard the voice of Death angel, his throat started choking and his tongue started freezing. No word could come out of his mouth. His legs started trembling and he fell down on the ground face down. A little later he got up and said to the Death angel - "Who are you who is saying to me to be happy? I have never heard such frightening voice as yours ever before." The Death angel said - "Don't you know me? Listen to O Moses, I am the same who compels to leaves one's family. I am the same who makes graves after destroying houses till deluge time comes. My name is Suryal, the Death angel."

Moses said - "But what are you dong here?" The Death angel said - "I have come here to take your life which I will give to God." Moses said - "I pray you by the same God who has asked you to bring my life by the third hour of the day (9.00 am) that let me go to see my wife and children till then." At this God said - "Till his Time comes, leave him him." And the Death angel left him there only till his Time came and went away.

Moses Goes to See His Mother
Moses came down of Mount Sinai and came to crossroad where three roads met. One road went to his mother's house and another road went to his wife's house. He was thinking that where should he go first , to mother's house or to wife's house. In the meantime a Divine voice said - "Go first to your mother." and he went to his mother's house.

He knocked at mother's door and spoke loudly - "Mother, Open the door." His mother came and opened the door. She saw that her son is serious and his face is colorless. She said - "My Son, What has happened to you? Have your shepherds said to you that you animals are lost? What has happened to you, my Son?"

Moses said - "Who can call me except the God? And who can frighten me except the Death?" Mother said - "Does he, who talks to God face to face, also has to die?" Moses said - "Yes, Mother, He also has to die. All prophets have died. Now you get up and keep your left foot on my left side and pray to God extending your both hands that he should spare me from the pain of death." Moses' mother did what Moses said to her. he then kissed his mother and went away.

Moses' mother cried a lot and said - "We should not believe on our existence in this world, rather we should expect for it from the Heaven."

Death of Moses-1    Death of Moses-3

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  1. all everyone, a saint or GOD himself in reincarnation has to leave this world after completing his mission and making the space for others to live and do the samething