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Death of Moses-3

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Moses Goes to His Wife
Now Moses went to his wife. When he was going there his heart was sinking and the color of his face faded away. he did not know where was he going to. When he came to the door of his wife's house, he called - "I am Moses, open the door." His wife came and opened the door. Moses entered the house. His wife also noticed that his face was colorless and his heart was sinking. She said - "Dear, What has happened to you that your heart is sinking and the color of your face is gone? Have your camels slept or some other thing is lost?"

Moses replied her the same which he replied to his mother - "Who can call me except the God and who else can frighten me except the Death." His wife said - "He who has talked to God face to face also has to die?" Moses said - "Yes, he also has to die. Abraham has also died and other messengers have also died."

Moses again spoke - "Where are my children?" The wife said - "They are sleeping." Moses said - "Bring them to me." Hearing this Moses' wife broke into tears and crying said to her children - "Go meet you father before his death, because after that you will not be able to see him again." She woke them up and brought them to Moses holding their hands in their left and right hands. She again said to them - "Go and meet your father and weep for him because he is getting separated from us." the children asked - "Where is our father?" She brought them to their father and said - "You see your father to your heart desire because you will be separated from him in a very short time.

When the children saw their father, the fell their face down and then broke into tears. They were crying loudly. Moses also cried with them. Then he gathered himself and spoke to them - "We are separating on this Earth." Moses' wife said - "And then we will not be able to see each other ever again." Moses said - "Yes." He picked up his younger son Eliezer and made him sit on his right knee, and the elder son Gershom on his left knee. He blessed them.

The younger brother said to his elder brother - "From today, when we will be separated from our father, whoever has loved us before, he will deceive us; and whoever has hated us, he will exile us." Hearing this from his children Moses again cried. Sky and Earth also cried with him.

God Shows Him His Valor
God asked Moses - Why do you weep Moses? Is it that you are going leaving this Earth? Or is it that you fear the Death?" Moses said - "These my two children and my wife are making me weep. Because my wife's father Jethro has died, my brother Aaron has also died and my sister Miriam too is dead. And if I will also die then with whom I will leave them?"

God said - "When you were born Moses, your mother Jochebed had thrown you in the ocean hiding in a box. Did I forget you at that time? Only I shut the mouth of the King of Egypt Pharao. and shut his mouth in such a way that he was not able to speak even a word. And I made you such that Pharao's daughter Tarmut loved you very much and called you as her son. You stayed there for 40 years. Now you get up and beat a stick in Red Sea."

Moses got up and beat a stick in Red Sea. He saw a large round stone there. God said - "Now you hit that stick on this stone also and rll it." Moses did the same as God told him to do. As Moses hit the stone with his stick, the stone broke and he saw that a tiny worm was eating a blade of green grass. The worm said - "Thanks to that God who has not forgotten me while I am lying on this seabed inside this stone.

And God said - "Aren't you seeing that I have not forgotten even this tiny worm which is lying in the sea hiding in this stone. Then do you think that if they worship me, I will forget them? Your children are now under my protection. Now you kiss your wife and children,  because whoever will take your life will never bring you back and they are standing nearby." Moses' wife cried a lot embracing him and Moses also wept a lot along with her.

Moses Dies
Moses left his wife and children and set off. His heart was sinking, his face was gloomy and he did not his path also. As he was going, he met three young men who were digging a grave. He said to them - "Be happy. And may God also keep you happy. For whom you are digging this grave?" Those young men said - "We are digging this grave for one of God's dear men." Moses said - "If you are digging this grave for one of God's dear men then I will also help you in digging this grave."

When that grave was dug, Moses asked - "Where is that dead body whom you want to bury it here?" The young men said - "We are afraid that lest this place falls short for him to whom we want to bury here, but he is like you in form, size and length. Give us the measurement of this grave by entering this grave." And Moses entered the grave. There he met the Death angel, he spoke to Moses - "O the Son of Amram, be happy." Moses said - "May God give this greeting back to you.." And Moses died and those God's messengers young men buried him.

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  1. good lesson to be detached from the world and worldly affairs; everyone is given enough protection to take care of himself, we are worried for nothing but this is our built-in nature