Saturday, September 27, 2014

Foreign Folktales in Hindi-2

This blog is being written after quite some time. I was very busy in preparing my books for Foreign Folktales in Hindi Project... Today I became a bit free, so I am with you. Sorry for this gap and I am happy to be with you again...

First Book on  Foreign Folktales in Hindi
I have been writing in my past blogs that I have taken up a project to write foreign folktales in Hindi language so that they can be available to our Hindi knowing people - old or children, men or women, rich or poor.

I have indicated in my past blogs that my project is progressing very well and more than 600 folktales from various countries have been adapted into Hindi language. More than half of them are from African countries - Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zanzibar etc.

Foreign Folktales in Hindi Braille
Till now all of these folktales were with me only. Actually most of them are still with me...

Only one book, of 11 folktales from Nigeria, was published in December 2013 in Hindi Braille language under Touch Read project and was sent to 120 schools for the visually handicapped all over India. Two more books are ready to be published in Hindi Braille very soon, within a month or so. They will also be available to these children in these school.

These books are free to all people who can read Hindi Braille. Write to procure them to
Davendra Gupta - at

Foreign Folktales in Hindi for General Readers
I am pleased to announce that I have published my first book "Odd Marriages: Folktales from Africa" today on Scribd. You may enjoy reading it for free  
Hope you will like it.
If you like it please do nor forget to give me a feedback, thanks.

Past blogs on Folktales --

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