Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Foreign Folktales in Hindi

Translation of More Than 600 Folktales Available in Hindi

A few months ago I wrote three blogs about the folktales which were translated from English language in Hindi to facilitate our Hindi speaking children with foreign folktales. These folktales may not be accessible to them because of many reasons -
(1) maybe because they are in English language,
(2) maybe the sources, such as books and other sources (theses, magazines etc) are not only unavailable to them bit they are not available even in India itself,
(3) Or maybe those folktales are not even available in English as many of them have not been translated in English and still exist in their local language.

Their number has now reached more than 600 - one of the greatest personal collection in the world - and it is still increasing.
These folktales are not only useful for children, but also for those parents who want to tell their little children lots of stories, and for those researchers who are interested in conducting research on them.

The list of these 600 folktales have been given on my website -
Go to the site  and click either on
"600 folktales titles",  OR
"List of Folktales"

The list of all these 600 folktales is given Hindi language, classified first by the continent and then by its country. Number of pages of each tale is also given there.
To know more about them write to

Folktales in Hindi Braille Language
As it is clear from those blogs some of these folktales (160 folktales) are available in Hindi Braille language to our visually handicapped children and adults reading Hindi. One book "Folktales of Nigeria, Part 1" is already out of the press and has been distributed free to about 120 schools for visually handicapped children in India.

Next two more books are in the process of printing -
(1) Folktales of Nigeria, Part 2, and
(3) Folktales from Africa, Part 1
They will be out in the month of August.

One more book, which is in English, is also under publication in Braille, that is
"Manu's Adventures" - this book is written by Dr Sapna Gupta and contains three most wonderful and interesting stories for children about Manu - its hero.

All these books will also be sent to the schools of visually handicapped people as soon they are out.
Besides distributed freely, all these books will be freely available to any visually handicapped person, child or adult, on request anywhere in the world.

You may please write to   to procure them.

Sushma Gupta

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