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Krishn Bheeshm and Number 8

Krishn and Bheeshm and Number 8
There is a great deal of relationship between Krishn and Bheeshm and number 8. Let us see how is it?

Krishn has a very strong relationship with No 8.

(1) Krishn is the 8th Avataar of Vishnu from among 10 main Avataar - (1) Matsya, (2) Varaah, (3) Kashchap, (4) Narasinh, (5) Vaaman, (6)  Parashuraam, (7) Raam, and (8) Krishn.

(2) He was born on Bhaadrapad Krishn 8th.

(3) He was the 8th son of His parents - Vasudev and Devakee. His 6 elder sons were killed by His Maamaa Kans, the 7th one, Balaraam was transferred to Rohinee and the 8th one was Him.

(4) krishn was born in 8th month of Devakee's pregnancy (Harivansh)

(5) He had 8 chief wives - (1) Rukminee, (2) Satyabhaamaa, (3) Kaalindee, (4) Mitravindaa, (5) Jaambvatee, (6) Naagnjitee, (7) Bhadraa and (8) Lakshmanaa.

(6) There are 7 Swar in Indian music. The last Swar, the 7th Swar, is Nishaad. Nishaad Jaraa killed Krishn and Krishn became the 8th by adding the 7th Swar Nishaad to Him.

(7) Krishn had full control on 8 Siddhi - (1) Animaa, (2) Laghimaa, (3) Mahimaa, (4) Praapti, (5) Praakaamya, (6) Eeshitaa, (7) Vashitaa, and (8) Kaamaavasaayitaa

(8) krishn goes to His Param Dhaam in the 16th (8 x 2) Parv of Mahaabhaarat.

Bheeshm is also associated with number 8.
He was also the 8th son of Gangaa and Shaantanu.
He was the incarnation of 8th Vasu - Prabhaas and all Yaadav were killed in Prabhaas Kshetra.

8 stands for Dharm, Mahaabhaarat stands for Dharm.
In Mahaabhaarat when Krishn and Bheeshm fight (they fight twice), means 8 and 8 are fighting (Dharm Yuddh).
In the end when Bheeshm teaches Yudhishthir - it is Dharm (Bheeshm) is teaching Dharm Raaj, with the help of Dharm (8, Krishn)

Sushma Gupta

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