Friday, June 21, 2013

Use of Knowledge

Here I present three stories in which some learned people got some people freed from the grip of some animals, or Devtaa, or ghoul by answering their questions. Two stories are from Mahaabhaarat in which Yudhishthir answers the questions of a python and Yam Raaj. And the third story is from Tripur Rahasya. Dattaatreya Jee told this story to Parashuraam Jee in which one brother releases his brother by answering a ghoul's questions.

Yudhishthir and Python (Nahush)
When Paandav were passing their time in 12 years of exile and Arjun had gone to Swarg to take Divine weapons, once Draupadee saw a very beautiful flower. She showed it to Bheem and asked him to get some more of that kind of flower for her. Bheem set off in search of that flower. Wandering around in search of that flower, he came across a python who caught him in his coil. Although he did not kill him, but he caught Bheem so tightly that in spite of being so mighty, he could not come out of the python's grip. He was very restless thinking that no ordinary python could keep him in his grip for so long, then who was this python who could keep him in his grip and he was unable to come out of his grip.

When Bheem did not come for quite some time, and Yudhishthir did not see him, he asked Draupadee about him. Draupadee told him that she sent him to bring some flowers quite some time ago and since then he had not come back. Yudhishthir got worried about him and he himself set off in search of him. Following his footprints, he also came to that python and saw his all mighty brother in the grip of that python. Yudhishthir was very patient and an intelligent man so he requested the python to free his brother. The python said - "First you tell me who are you?" Yudhishthir said - "I am Yudhishthir, Paandu's eldest son." Python said - "I will free your brother when you will answer my questions." Yudhishthir said - "Ask your questions, if I will be able to answer them, I will surely answer them." Then the python asked him  some questions and Yudhishthir answered them. The python got satisfied, he freed Bheem, and he himself also left the body of python and assumed the body of the King Nahush. Then the python told Yudhishthir his whole story as how he became python and how he got free from this curse. Then he went to his Lok.

Yudhishthir and Yaksh (Yam Raaj)
When Paandav were passing their time in 12 years of exile, and their 12 years were coming to an end, they were sitting and thinking about spending their A-Gyaatvaas period. A Braahman came to them and complained that a deer came running and his Agnihotra's Arani and Agnisthalee got caught in his horns and as he ran away they also went with him. Now if they were not retrieved, he will not be able to perform his Agnihotra, so they should help him. As a Kshatriya all got up to help that Braahman.

They started searching for that deer but could not find him. Tired and thirsty they sat under the shade of a tree, and Yudhhishthir asked Nakul to look for water somewhere around. Nakul found a pond and went there to bring water. As he wanted to drink water, he heard a voice - "This pond belongs to me. First answer my questions then only you can drink water from it. If you will not do this, you will be dead." But Nakul did not listen to him and started drinking water. he could not drink water and fell down as dead. When Nakul did not come for some time, Yudhishthir sent Sahadev, then Arjun and then Bheem to bring water and check on his brothers. They also heard that voice but in their pride they all ignored it and fell dead on the shore of the pond.

When all had gone, and nobody returned, Yudhishthir himself came there and was surprised to see his all mighty brothers lying dead there without any mark of wounds or fight. He was thirsty so he also tried to drink water first, the then he also heard that voice. he stopped and asked him to ask his questions. The Yaksh asked him some 64 questions for which Yudhishthir answered all correctly. Yaksh got very pleased and he brought back all four Paandav back to life. Thus Yudhishthir had to answer his questions to get his brothers live. On asking who was that Yaksh, the Yaksh replied - "I am your father Dharm Raaj and I grant you a boon that you will not be recognized in your A-Gyaatvaas period." - read Yudhishthir and Yaksh

Hemaangad and a Ghoul
There is another story which comes in Tripur Rahasya. Dattaatreya Jee told it to Parashuraam Jee. There were two brothers - Rukmaangad and Hemaangad. Once both went for hunting. Rukmaangad was very fond of spiritual discussions. he had heard that a Ghoul lived in that forest and was good in such discussions, so both went to him and Rukmaaangad had a discussion with him. Now whoever he defeated, he would eat him. Unfortunate ly Rukmaangad got defeated, so the Ghoul wanted to eat him.

Seeing this Hemaangad requested him not to eat his elder brother on the condition that he would arrange some other food for him in exchange of his brother. the Ghoul said - "I will release your brother if you answer my questions." Hemaangad said - "Ask, I will try." The Ghoul asked him some 14 questions and Hemaangad answered them all correctly and got his brother released from him. This Ghouls later told him that he was a learned Braahman and was cursed by a disciple of a debater to be a Ghoul and get freed from this curse when somebody would answer his questions. Since Hemaangad had answered his questions, he has got freed from this curse.

These stories teach us that learned people are never at loss, rather they are able to help others also with their knowledge.

Sushma Gupta

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