Friday, October 4, 2013

Nava Raatri

Three goddesses - Durgaa, Lakshmee and Saraswatee - form a configuration which helps the human soul get rid of the Mal (impurities), gain spiritual knowledge and attain liberation or Moksh.

Durgaa is a demon killer (Kriyaa Shakti). Demons are the Taamasik (Dark) demons in our mind: Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Mad, and Matsarya (desire, anger, greed, delusion, pride, and envy). Once Durgaa kills these demons, Lakshmee (Ichchhaa Shakti) takes over the mind and helps us get rid of Raajasik Vikshep (False perception; distraction; to and fro oscillations of the mind; gales of desire blowing in the mind) which are hard to remove from the mind. Lakshmee helps man acquire the Will Power (Ichchhaa Shakti) and get rid of remnants of desire and false perception by Upaasanaa (worship). What is left is ignorance, meaning spiritual ignorance. Removal of spiritual ignorance and spiritual enlightenment is infused by Saraswatee (Gyaan Shakti).

The eradication of impurities, desires and ignorance with the help of these three deities is celebrated for nine days and nine nights, 3 days and 3 nights for each deity (Nava Raatri = nine nights). It takes nine days and nine nights to defeat these demons. Nine manifestation of Mother Goddess (Durgaa, Bhadrakaalee, Ambaa, Annapoornaa, Sarvamangalaa, Bhairavee, Chandikaa, Lalitaa, and Bhavaanee) are celebrated over nine nights. The tenth day is Vijaya Dashamee - meaning victory (over the demons of the mind; realization and emancipation) on the 10th day.

Normally this festival of Devee or Shakti is celebrated two times a year - in the beginning of summer and in the beginning of winter.  In fact there are 9 Nava Raatri in one year. (365 / 9 = approx in every 40 days of the year) but most people only know and observe only the two Nava Raatri, one in the beginning of the New Year, in Chaitra Maas (April) after Holee and the another one after six months in Aashwin Maas (September-October) after Pitri Paksha.

On the ninth day of the First Nava Raatri (Chaitra or April) is the Janm Divas (birth day) of Shree Raam or Raam Navamee is celebrated. On the tenth day of Second Nava Raatri is celebrated Vijayaa Dashamee, the day when ten heads of ego was brought to Earth by God (Raam) Himself.

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Sushma Gupta

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  1. Worship of DURGAji (for Kirya Shakti ); LAKSHMIji (For Itchha Shakti ) and SARSWATIji (for Gyan Shakti ) provide us the strength to proceed on the path of spirituality. This nine days period is the best time to worship Goddess of SHAKTI.