Friday, October 4, 2013

Various Sights

There are various types of seeing the things. Here we are giving some different types of seeing the things mentioned in our religious scriptures, you might be surprised to read them  --

(1) Kaamuk Sight
Kaamuk means with lust. Brahmaa Jee had several occasions when he created most beautiful women and after creating them he himself got attracted to them. Bhaagvat Puraan lists Saraswatee one of them. Another one was Ahalyaa. Another one was Tilottamaa whom he sent to kill Sund and Upasund named Raakshas. Among these three the first two are very important.

----When Brahmaa Jee created Saraswatee, he got so much attracted to her that he wanted to marry her. All Devtaa explained him that it was a sin to have the daughter as wife so he had to leave that body. Since he created her that is why she was considered his daughter.
----Second time when he created Ahalyaa, he again got attracted to her enchanting beauty, so wherever she went in his court, a face appeared on Brahmaa's body to see her. Thus he had four faces in all the four directions. When Shiv saw this he immediately cut Brahmaa's one head and left him only with three heads. Later Brahmaa Jee gave Ahalyaa to Gautam Rishi. So this was a Kaamuk Sight at Ahalyaa.
----One Kaamuk Sight and the whole Vansh started - Chandra Vansh. Once Chandramaa saw Brihaspati's wife Taaraa with this Kaamuk Sight, and this caused the birth of Budh. Once Budh was roaming on Prithvi, that he got attracted to Ilaa, the daughter of Manu, and had a son from her Pururavaa and that is how Chandra Vansh started.

(2) Divine Sight
Another is Divine Sight. Divine sight shows all those things which cannot be seen by these mortal eyes.
----When Mahaabhaarat war broke, Ved Vyaas Jee gave this Divine Sight to Sanjaya to see the war from Dhritraashtra's palace itself and even know what everybody was thinking.
----Again when Krishn was preaching Geetaa to Arjun, and Arjun expressed his desire to see Krishn's Viraat Roop, Krishn told him that he would not be able to see His Viraat Roop unless he had Divine Sight, so He gave him Divine Sight to see His Viraat Roop. Ved Vyaas Jee again gave Divine Sight to Dhritraashtra etc to see the scenes of Mahaabhaara war. So this is Divine Sight.
----Damayantee, wife of King Nal, was also given Divine Sight to recognize Nal from among Devtaa. Damayantee used to love Nal very much and wanted to marry him. She was so  beautiful that even Devtaa also wanted to marry her, so they sent their message to her by Nal that she should marry any one of them or face the consequences. For this they all assumed Nal's form and sat near nal. Damayantee got very surprised to see so many Nal and she prayed Devtaa to give her the power to recognize real Nal. Pleased with her prayers, they gave her the Divine Sight to recognize the real nal and she chose him as her husband.

(3) Power Sight
Another is Power Sight. Some people have so much power in their sight that if they see somebody with that sight, they can transform that thing something else. We find such an example in Gaandhaaree's sight in Mahaabhaarat. Gaandhaaree was a great Pativrataa and a devotee of Shiv. When her 99 sons had been killed Bheem in Mahaabhaarat war and only Duryodhan remained, she became sure that Bheem will fulfill his vow to kill her all the 100 sons and he will not spare Duryodhan.

So she decided to use his power sight at that time. She asked Duryodhan to have a bath in Gangaa River and come to her without any clothes so that she could use her Power Sight to make his whole body strong. But unfortunately Krishn had known this and He convinced him not to go to her without any clothes, and at least wear a loin cloth before going to her as he was an adult and she was a woman. Duryodhan got convinced and he wore a loin cloth before standing in front of his mother. When she asked him whether he was without clothes, he lied. As Gaandhaaree opened her eyes, her Power sight made only that part of his body as a Vajra which was without clothes. The covered part remained weak and Bheem killed by hitting his Gadaa on the same part of his body. Such was her Power Sight.

(4) Angry Sight
-----Another one is the Angry Sight. With  this sight one one looks at somebody with anger. When Taarakaasur Raakshas' had the boon to be killed by a 6-day old son of Shiv, it became necessary to have a son for Shiv Jee so that he could be killed. Only some time before his wife Satee had burnt herself in her father Daksh's Yagya. After that Shiv got Vairaagya and he went for Tapasyaa. To have a son it was necessary to marry him. Satee had taken birth as Paarvatee in Himaalaya's palace and was sent to do Tap to marry Shiv Jee.

Now how to wake up Shiv Jee from his Tapasayaa and got him ready to marry Paarvatee? So Indra asked Kaam Dev to go to him and distract him from his Tapasyaa and invoke love in his heart so that he could marry Paarvatee. First Kaam Dev refused to go to Shiv anticipating his death by Shiv's anger, but then considering it Devtaa's work, he got ready to go there. He went there and as soon as he spread his Maayaa, as he had anticipated, Shiv got angry at this and opened his third eye in anger. As soon he looked at Kaam Dev with his angry third eye he got burnt to ashes. On his wife Rati's request, Shiv revived him, but only Rati could see him, others only felt him.

-----Another example of the Angry Sight is found in Mahaabhaarat, when the Mahaabhaarat war was over and Paandav came to see both Dhritraashtra and Gaandhaaree, Gaandhaaree looked at Yudhishthir's feet with an Angry Sight from behind her strip of cloth, still she had so much power in her anger that with that Sight his nails became blue.  Yudhishthir  was very surprised to see this when he noticed this.

Sushma Gupta


  1. I like the most- DIVIYA DARISHTI gien by Lord Krishna to Arjun and by Muni VedViyasji to Sanjay

  2. Diviya Drishit was give to Bheeshma Pitamaha as well by Parshuram Ji during their bettle :)