Monday, October 14, 2013

Solomon's Justice

In Solomon-1 I gave an introduction to write my blog about Solomon.
Solomon was a great Jew king of his times. He was the son of David. David himself was a great king but Solomon had special grace of his God Yahweh. Although his father David was also famous for his justice and Solomon learnt this way of justice sitting at his feet only, still he is more famous for his justice and wisdom. It is believed that people walked beside with pen and paper to write his words whatever he used to speak because they considered them full of wisdom.

Although there are few stories about Solomon's justice, but here I will describe only one story of his justice - when he was only 7 years old....

Solomon's Justice
When Solomon was a little child he used to sit near his father David's feet in his court when he used to solve the problems of his public. One of such days, when Solomon was also sitting in the court, as usual, near his father's feet, two people came with their problem.

One man said - "O King, Some time ago I bought a garden from this man. When I was digging the roots of a tree I found some gold there. Since I bought only the garden from him, that gold did not belong to me, so I went to return that gold to him that "this gold is not mine, take it, it is yours." But this other man said -"This gold is not mine as I have already sold my garden to you, so whatever was in the garden, now it belongs to you, that is why I cannot accept this gold from you." Now you tell me what should I do?"

King David asked the other man that why did he not want to take his gold. He said - "This gold is not mine, O King, and I don't even know who it belongs to, because from whom I bought this garden, he has died a few years ago, and he has no heir also." At this the King said - "Since the real owner of the garden is no more in the world, you both may distribute it between yourselves." But both said in one voice - "How can we do this when it does not belong to us?"

The court was full and everybody was waiting for David's solution of this complex problem. Then David looked at his 7-year old child Solomon and said to him - "If you were at my place what would you do?"

The child looked first at the first man and asked him -"Do you have a son?" The first man replied - "O Prince, No, I do not have a son, but I have only one daughter." The the boy looked at the other man and asked him - "Do you have a son?" The other man said - "Yes Prince, I have a son." The boy looked at the King and said - "Then let both children get married and enjoy the treasure." And the same thing happened - they got married and enjoyed the treasure for a long time.

Such was the justice by Solomon at the age of 7...

Solomon's Throne

Sushma Gupta


  1. I wonder what Solomon would have done if they were both boys :-) it is a strange story though - why would someone not want gold?

  2. Solomon would have suggested some other way of justice. In those days people did not take other's things, if the thing was did not belong to them they would not take it. For the same reason the buyer did not take it for the same reason the seller also did not accept it as it was not his gold too. Gold did not mean to them in the same way as it means to people today.