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Solomon and Birds

In Solomon-1, I gave you an introduction to write my blog about Solomon.
Solomon was a great king of his times. He was the son of David. David himself was a great king but Solomon had special grace of his God Yahweh.

Once, when he was a child, his God Yahweh asked him to ask for a boon he wished for. He asked the boon of wisdom instead of wealth, fame, and victory over his enemies. And Yahweh gave him that too  which he did not ask for.

Solomon Knew All Languages
Solomon not only knew the languages of birds and all kinds of animals (animals of earth, sky and water) but he also had full control over them. He used to converse with them and take work from them. In fact he had control over all the living beings of the world - not only human beings, animals and birds but also over the Jinn, angels and other invisible beings too. Here I describe you an incident in which he used a bird to call the Queen of Sheba, the Queen of Ethiopia, to him.

Once Solomon called all the birds to him, so all the birds came to him, but there was one bird which did not come - that was Hoopoe bird. Solomon got very angry at this and he asked his servant Jenie to find that Hoopoe bird and bring it to him, and if he did not bring that Hoopoe, he would be bitten by worms in the desert. So Jenie went, found the bird after long time and came back to Solomon with it. The bird was trembling with fear.

Solomon asked her where was she and why she did not come when he had called all the birds. She said - "If you will just listen to me why I did not come, I will be convinced that I am pardoned." "Speak." Hoopoe bird said - "Flying high I continued to fly for 3 months without eating anything just to see is there any place which is not under your rule. Flying thus I reached Athiops and met another Hoopoe. I asked him about this. He said - "This kingdom is like that where people worship Sun God and do not even know your Solomon and his God Yahweh."

Hearing this I filled with rage and asked him the name of its king. He said - "This kingdom is called Sheba and here rules a maiden queen Balqis who is very beautiful." Solomon asked him - "Have you yourself seen that queen?" Hoopoe bird said - "Yes, She indeed is beautiful." Solomon then sent a letter to the queen through that Hoopoe bird. He wrote in that letter - "I rule over the whole world, including animals, birds, water animals, genie etc, so you should also come to me and accept me as your king. I will give you proper respect. If you did not come to me I will destroy your whole kingdom within a night."

Hoopoe bird  flew and dropped that letter in the laps of Balqis who was sitting in her court. After reading the letter she consulted her courtiers and decided that she would not go to him and let him destroy her kingdom. Then she sent 500 young boys in the guise of girls and 500 young girls in the guise of boys to him along with gold and an egg size pearl asking its meaning and a gem with a curved hole to be threaded. Since Solomon asked the Hoopoe bird to bring her reply, he came with this reply.

Solomon welcomed the queen's people and did what the queen asked him to do. He said - "It is not good to send people in opposite sex clothes. He wrote this pearl is the symbol of purity. He threaded the gem by ordering one worm to go through that curved hole of the gem tying a hair in his foot.

Balqis got very happy to see this and she set off to Juda to see Solomon.
Such was his control over birds and worms and genie etc.

Solomon's Justice
Solomon's Throne

Sushma Gupta

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