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Solomon's Temple

In Solomon-1, I gave an introduction to write my blog about Solomon.
Solomon was a great Jew king of his times. He was the son of David. David himself was a great king but Solomon had special grace of his God Yahweh.
Today I will tell you about his Temple.

Solomon's Temple
 He was the first builder of the Temple of his God Yahweh. He built this Temple in Jerusalem. He thought that since his God is only one and incomparable to any other, he should also build His Temple very big and high, so he built it really very big and on a high hill. The whole Temple was built miraculously throughout and Angels also helped him to build it, though not by choice - heavy stones rising and settling down in place automatically etc.

As he was thinking big, he thought that he would need very large stones for its foundation, but when he expressed this idea to his workers, they told him that no human tool could break such large stones. He himself also could not think of any other way to cut them. So he kept fast and worshiped Yahweh. One day Yahweh appeared in his dream and told him that he should catch a baby Simour bird and keep it in a brass cage, and his problem will be solved.

Simour bird is very large and the king of the birds. It is so big that it can carry even an elephant on its wing. Its power of seeing and hearing is great. It is mostly found on Eastern Hills in Jerusalem. He sent his 1,000 people with bow and arrow around to look for it. After three months of great efforts they were able to find a Simour bird and its nest. They found a baby bird also there, so they brought it to him. The baby bird was of a size of a calf. He had already built a brass cage in advance for it. As soon as the baby bird came, he shut it in the cage and fixed it to the ground with very long nails (approximately 50 inches long) to the ground.

So when his people had brought its baby to him, his mother had known and seen that her baby was in Solomon's Temple. She came there but she could not break the cage so she went back. She came again three days and three nights later with a large log of wood. She kept it over the cage and the cage broke into two pieces symmetrically. She took her baby from the cage and flew back to from where she came. Solomon understood and he used that log to cut the stones of his size.

It is believed, to build that temple Solomon employed 3,600 inspectors, 700 carpenters, 800 masons, 30,000 labors, and 70,000 load carriers. Its walls and floors were made of gold. It took 13 years to complete.

Since this temple was built as a permanent place to keep the Ark of Covenant, it was brought there with a pomp and show and the celebrations were made for a week. After its completion his God Yahweh came and blessed the temple.

Solomon's Throne

Sushma Gupta

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